North Shore United Football Club (NSUFC) is a self-refereed, “self-policing” coed recreational league dedicated to the twin principles of Good Sportsmanship and Everyone Plays.  It is a league founded upon the idea that playing soccer should be a fun, rewarding and appropriately competitive endeavor no matter one’s experience or skill level.  NSUFC actively embraces the guiding philosophy and principles of AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) including: Everybody Plays, Balanced Teams and Good Sportsmanship.

Although, in general, NSUFC abides by the conventional Laws of the Game as set forth by FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) and USSF (United States Soccer Federation) there are certain rules and regulations in effect during league games that are particular to the league.  Specific league regulations include but may not be limited to the following major regulations:

NSUFC is a recreational league.  As such the following objectionable behavior and/or type of play will absolutely not be tolerated:  

A Zero Tolerance Policy is in effect for all participants of the program.  Players are responsible for their own actions as well as their spectators.


Fighting will result in dismissal from the league 

If necessary, the Laws of the Game shall be enforced on field by the issuing of a warning (Yellow Card) for a first offense and dismissal from the field of play (Red Card) for a second offense.  A Red Card shall carry with it a one-game suspension.

NSUFC, in order to promote Fair Play and Good Sportsmanship, shall utilize, as follows, a point system for major transgressions:

Yellow Card  1 point

Red Card  3 points

5 total points  1 game suspension

During any league game the two Team Captains (and Alternate Captains) and/or any league officers present shall be the sole and final arbiters of what constitutes objectionable behavior or play.

The league (in the form of all officers, including team captains and alternate captains) reserves the right to deny anyone access to the field of play if they are not in compliance with these regulations.

Captains shall have the authority to enforce all league rules on the field of play.  Any decisions made by the captains are final.  NSUFC reserves the right to make changes to all rules for the improvement of the program.


Uniforms & Equipment:

As league players have a wide range of experience, the league has a “Two-Strike” rule, meaning a team shall have two attempts in the following game situations before the Laws of the Game shall be enforced:  

If a team fails to follow the Laws of the Game during a second attempt, a change of possession will ensue.

Accepted By:                                Date: