Please see below information in regards to Domestic CCTV.

Domestic CCTV can not be pointed at Common Areas ie Grass, Main Paths, Roads, Parking Bays or other owners properties. It can only view your own perimeter ie house/apartment, patio and path that wraps around your property.

Please place close attention to the second paragraph under the heading of

“What is the status of CCTV in homes” also the Compliance Section followed by the

 “What happens if I fail to comply with data protection law”.

See link below -

 The 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Saturday the 01st of October,

  The minutes have been emailed out to owners,  should you require a copy please email


  The  Pebble Beach OMC Administrator works Monday & Tuesday from 09.00 to 16.30pm

  and can be contacted on 085 8780945 or the email address -  

  Outside of these times and days please contact the Chairperson Grainne Culliton on

  086  0751938.


  Please remember it is very important that the management company have your correct  

  details on file, also this information is required so we may forward your Service Charge  

  Invoice for the coming year and other relevant information.

  If you are not already added and would like to be added to the Pebble Beach Owners  

  Whatsapp group please contact 

  If you are a new owner and wish to obtain a copy please request that your solicitor forwards  

  on your contact details to

. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  The 2021 AGM took place via Zoom only on the 11th of September 2021.

  Email notifications were forwarded out to owners with email addresses and posted to those  

  who do not.  


  2022/23 service charge fees have been issued, please contact Melissa on or call us, if you have not received your invoice.



  Pebble Beach Omc have been receiving emails/telephone calls from persons wishing to  

  summer let, Please be advised that Pebble Beach Omc do not have any input into Summer  

  lettings in Pebble Beach, If you are looking to rent a property in Pebble Beach please contact  

  the appropriate persons and not the Omc.



 Illegal Dumping -

  Please contact 085 8780945 if you see any illegal dumping or email the Pebble Beach email  

  address.. Remember do not put yourself at risk by approaching any suspected individuals.

  A time/date and Vehicle Registration number is a huge help in reporting illegal dumping.

 Please bare in mind when reporting to the administrator or a director where you have  

  Witnessed persons/vehicle illegally dumping that you will be required to speak to Waterford  

  County council regarding what you witnessed and may also be required to give evidence if

  The matter is brought to court.

 Rental Regulations

  A new provision has been included in the regulations to prevent people falling from windows.  

  When a window is more than 1.4m above the outside ground level, safety restrictors must be  

  fitted which limits the size of the opening.

  The responsibility for protecting homes against rats and mice has also switched from the  

  tenant to the landlord.

  If you are renting, you should consider how the new regulations affect you and relate to your  

  property. There are other rules too. This is outside the scope of the OMC, but we felt it  

  prudent to point Landlords onsite towards these changes.

 Holiday Homes

  The new insurance company has very strict requirements including the following for Holiday  


  “Holiday Homes Condition Precedent: It is noted that the homes will be occupied for  

  Extended periods during the year. During this period when the home is unoccupied, the  

  following terms and conditions apply:

  1) You or a person authorised by you must inspect the home internally at least once a week.

  2) All external doors and windows must be secured, and all locks and bolts out into full and  

  effective use.

  3) All gas, water and electricity mains supplies are kept disconnected (except those supplies  

  required to maintain automatic sprinkler installations, lighting or alarm systems which are to  

  remain in operation for security or fire protection purposes

  4) All water tanks, apparatus pipes and heating other than those connected to automatic  

  sprinkler systems are drained down”.

  “Probitas Property Owners (ROI LBS) July 20 Policy Wording

  Holiday Home Condition Precedent as attached -  Cover limited to Fire, Lightning,  

  Explosion and Aircraft for property unoccupied more than 14 days

  Subject to satisfactory survey carried out within 60 days of inception and any  

  necessary risk improvements completed at the stated timescales. The underwriters  

  reserve the right to amend or cancel cover immediately following the survey.


   We remind those parking on double yellow lines that this is in breach of the Estate Rules.

   In the event of an accident your insurance may be invalidated, and they may be held  

   accountable for the incident that has happened. The lines were put down in areas where it  

   was deemed dangerous to park on the street, which was an action agreed at the AGM with  

   the Membership present.

   Please contact the OMC if you believe a vehicle has been abandoned onsite,

   subsequently we will then place a sticker on said vehicle advising if it not removed and does    

   not have at least (2) out of (3) Certificates showing ie Insurance/Tax/NCT we will then  

   contact Waterford County Council to request its removal.


  We remind Owners that the maintenance of properties, including balconies, is the  

  responsibility of you as Owner of your property. Please ensure that these are maintained to  

  high standards and checked regularly.  In regards to maintenance, All owners where a  

  balcony is concerned should work together to facilitate any essential repair work that needs  

  to be carried out. If said repairs and maintenance do not take place you may not be covered

  Under the Insurance Policy in the event of a claim.


  This continues to be an issue and is severely damaging the ground.

  Please stay off the grass and report anyone you see driving on the grass, so that we can  

  apply a penalty and discourage a further breach of this rule. Please also advise any  

  contractor that you may be using that it is not permitted to drive their vehicles on the grass.

Repair of damage caused by driving on the grass. This invoice was subsequently



  Nothing current to report, but the fence is regularly checked by the groundsmen for damage..



   If you see anything unusual happening around the estate please let us know by contacting  

  Melissa on 085 8780945 or Grainne on 086 0751938,  If the activities are illegal please  

  report it to Tramore Garda Station on 051 391620.


  Just a reminder that if you have a stove, you have a chimney. This requires sweeping  

  periodically to avoid a fire. Recommendation is usually once a year, but obviously this  

  depends on usage. If it is not maintained and a fire occurs  insurance issues may arise if it  

  was as a result of a poorly maintained chimney flue.

  The details of a local Chimney Sweep are: Tony Power, 087-9880035.

  *Also, make sure you use a HETAC registered contractor when installing your stove*


  Siobhan Hayes, Grainne Culliton, Maria Widger and Fiona Cusack  will continue to manage  

  things, with the assistance of our Groundsmen and Administrator Melissa.

  We currently have three Groundsmen, Alan, Anthony and Edward, the two later have hearing  

  difficulties. This will not impair them carrying out their duties, but they will not be in a position  

  to have conversations with Owners. Communications should continue to come through the  

  Pebble Beach phone (085 8780945) and email address.

  Our Administrator Melissa can be contacted 09.00am -16.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays  

  on  085 8780945 and also by email at . After these hours for    

  normal queries please contact Grainne on 086  0751938


 The lighting upgrade project has now been completed.  If you see ANYONE attempting to  

  interfere with the lights onsite please report this to the OMC asap, as only the Groundsmen  

  and the Contractor is authorised to do so.


  We are continuing to receive complaints about loose dogs on-site. On some occasions, the  

  Dogs appear aggressive, which is very concerning. It is against the rules of the estate to let  

  your dogs roam free. If your dog is seen defecating you will be subject to a high penalty as  

  per the notices situated around the estate.

  Some dogs may be strays, but equally need our attention. Please keep all dogs leashed    

   onsite as we would not like for a serious incident to occur. It is also important to advise  

   Guests or tenants visiting Pebble Beach of the Estate Rules in this regard.

  Therefore, we ask anyone who sees a stray dog, to report it to the Dog Warden on  

  051-872247 (Waterford Dog Pound), A description of the dog will also be required.


  There was apparently a serious assault on a woman in February 2021 in Tramore (not  

   Pebble Beach), whereby she was mugged and her bag was taken. Please be very careful if  

   driving or walking alone and staying vigilant. We are aware that the entrance to the estate  

   on Council property is very dark and continue to find ways to put pressure on the Council to  

   rectify this.


  It is essential that we all:

  Let’s all work together to keep Pebble Beach safe.


  Pebble Beach OMC Ltd will NEVER ask you for your bank details in an email or by phone. If  

  you receive such a request please report it to Gardai and do not reply. We may ask for proof  

  of payment, but confidential details should be blackened out from any information provided.


  Our Insurance Brokers have confirmed the following:

 “The Underwriters have confirmed that property Owners Liability is in place externally and  

  internally in the properties in respect of each of the Owners.

  Therefore each of the owners Liabilities are covered for tenants in the Houses but only  

  where the owner of the property can be found negligible in some way for claims or incidents  

  which may arise.

  I would however recommend in the cases where there is a long term letting agreement in  

  place that each of the owners would recommend to the tenants that the tenants arrange their    

  own contents only policy in the property.

  The reason I would recommend this is where the tenant brings in their own contents the  

  Tenant would be required to insure their own contents for theft / fire etc. but also any Liability  

  claims which may arise in respect of Third Party Claims following the use of the tenants  



  We advise those Owners whose houses are unoccupied to pay close attention to the  

  limitations in the insurance policy.


 Neighbourhood Watch

  Please keep your Neighbourhood Watch signs visible. This initiative is working great for us. If  

  anyone needs a Neighbourhood Watch sticker for your window, please let us know by text or  


 Security help desk - Calling in a complaint

  The number is 0818-33-33-73. The signs are visible on-site. Please bare in mind when  

  Telephoning that some area’s close to Pebble Beach are not a part of our estate and  

  Therefore will not be included in any call outs , these include the large building at the  

  entrance and Lakelands. A call out charge will then be forwarded by the Security Company

  To the OMC which in turn will be forwarded to the owner of the property causing the issue.

 Be alert

  We ask all to be vigilant and contact Tramore Gardai and the management company if you  

  see or hear anything suspicious.

 Security locks on patio doors

  For any houses with the old patio doors, please ensure that in addition to locking with the  

  key,  that you also use the security lock at the top and bottom of the door, which prevents the  

  door being lifted for easy access to your property.

 Vetting your tenants

  We would strongly recommend that where a property is rented, that all tenants are Garda  

  Vetted, if you are renting your property through a company please make sure that they vet all  

  possible tenants.


  We urge Owners to maintain their own properties to a high standard, so as to maintain the  

  standards of the estate. Painting is required in Tramore more frequently as a result of the  

  coastal conditions. See below information of a painter that is used frequently in Pebble  


 15. BINS

 Bins will be emptied twice a week, each Monday and Thursday

 Please put all bags IN and not beside the bins.

  There will be a  Recycling bin placed in each of the bays onsite. All Recycling Bins have a  

  sticker outlining what can be placed inside. All also have a lock. Owners interested in  

  obtaining access to these bins please contact the management company on 085 8780945  

  for details on the code.

  Please keep an eye out for and report illegal dumping. Photos would be great but don’t put  

  yourself at risk.


  The  Service Charge receipts will be issued during May, June, July each year. For any  

  queries, please contact

 17. LAWNS

  The lawns will continue to be cut weekly. Weather permitting.


  We would like to formalise the process for passing back comments and complaints to the  

  Board, so that we can follow-up with you and find a resolution. At the moment, we rely on  

  hearsay, which is not appropriate, as we receive someone’s interpretation of the point that  

  you, the Owner, would like to be raised.

  Therefore, all Directors now have an official form for completion by you with them. It identifies  

  the details of the Owners along with clarification of the issue. These completed forms will be  

  brought to the next Board meeting for discussion.

  You will also receive acknowledgement by email/phone that the Board are dealing with your  

  issue and confirmation of the ultimate conclusion. We hope that this allows Owners a  

  mechanism for communicating with the Board, as needed.



  It is imperative that we keep our houses looking good, in order to maintain the standards of  

  the estate.

           Contact : Derek Wall

           Mobile : 087 1435433

           Email :

1 20. ALARMS

  DFS Security, whose Representative spoke at the 2015 neighbourhood Watch meeting has  

   advised that if interested in obtaining a alarm system please contact David Flynn directly on:

  Tele: 051-330777

  Mobile: 087-2111400

  PHONEWATCH - For Special Offers on Pebble Beach please contact Emmet : 085 1029591


  Manguard, who provide our daily patrols onsite and  call-out service, have asked us to let you      

  know about their key-holding service.

  24 Hour Alarm Response

  24 Hour CCTV Response

  24 Hour Locksmith

  24 Hour Mobile Patrols (if needed)

  €200.00 Annual Keyholding - Residential

  €20.00 per Response/ Site Visit

  If interested in the above please contact 1850 252 627

 22. Roof Repairs

  E Ryan Roofing & Carpentry Services Ltd

  Dunhill, County Waterford

  John     - 086 1529223

  Eamon - 086 2322978


  Trevor O’Brien - 083 0206900


   We have been recommended a Chimney Sweep in Tramore. Tony Power 087-9880035.


         JJ Smyth - 089 4685042


    At the rear of Euronics in Waterford they will take electrical equipment for recycling.

NOTE a: The Board cannot recommend any supplier and the relationship is deemed to be between the Owner and the supplier directly.

NOTE b : No hot ashes should ever be put into the bins. Please allow to cool fully before disposing of same.

NOTE c: for our recycling (green) bins to be collected at the cheaper rate, you should empty recycling from any bag it is in and put that bag in the general waste bin. Also no general waste should be put in these green bins. The differential in charge is Eur16 for a recyclable bin and eur21 for a non-recyclable bin which is a big difference.