MythologiesCall For Papers “Mythologies and Their Continued Impact” Call: Mythology forms the structures through which we understand ourselves in personal levels, as evidenced by its importance in psychology. Furthermore, mythology has threaded itself through our entertainment, and tales of godly pantheons and heroic tales retain a popular (if not profitable) appeal. As the world and humanity moves further away from it’s ancient mythologies, why is it that we keep looking backward to these tales and legends? This call seeks entries that explore and question why and how mythology has centered itself in how we, as humans, understand ourselves. To examine the ways in which mythology has stayed steadfast, while also adapting to fit various ideological positions. Beyond this, the call seeks to question if mythology has changed, or if the ways in which we engage with it has changed in noticeable fashion. Suggested topics: *Antiquity and Modern Philosophy through media * Mythology and the Comic book (Thor, Wonder Woman, etc…) *Gender Identity through the Classics (Antigone, Oedpius, Lysistrata) *New imaginings of Mythological tales (Chirac, O Brother Where Art Thou… etc…) *Psychoanalysis (Freud and Oedipus as seen in art) Proposals may be brief, but do be sure to describe the topic and key question(s) to be explored. Please submit your proposal by October 22nd, 2018. If interested, please contact In Media Res ( ) and Christopher Minz ( with topic proposals or for more information about the theme. Be sure to include the name of the theme week you would like to be involved with in the subject line of the email. Academics, journalists, critics, media professionals and fans are all welcome to submit proposals. The actual piece will include either a 30-second to 3-minute clip, an image, or a slideshow that will be accompanied by a 300 to 350 word response to/contextualization of your clip, image, or slideshow. In addition to your piece, you will be expected to engage the other pieces presented that week to contribute to a conversation.
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