September 22, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY


Conducting:  Sister Mones and Sister Baker

Opening Hymn:  #254 True to the Faith


Sister Ransom and Sister Nivaldo


Opening Prayer:  Sister Fuimaono

Purpose:  Sister Johnny


·       Sister Sharp presented the “Celestial Kitchen award” to Sisters Myagmar and Roberts.  Sister Roberts told us that other sisters helped as well.  Certificates were prepared for and given to Sisters Liu, Parks, Tekurio, Lam, Shum and Zhou.


·       Meeting for language coordinators in Theater 1 after Relief Society.


·       Office Assistants asked that we report missionary contacts before 4:00 pm on Sunday and to also report flagpole tours.  They would also like to know the investigators that are progressing and attending church.  They have something for the sisters as they share miracles with them.


Sister Chua and Sister Cutrer


·       President Mulford asked that all sisters finish getting their pictures taken for security badges before end of business on Friday.


·       President Risenmay released Sister A. Clark as Relief Society President and Sister Mones as Relief Society 1st Counselor.  He presented for sustaining vote Sister Mones as Relief Society President and Sister Baker as 1st Counselor.


·       Sister Richardson asked all the sisters that had attended a recent organ tour to sign the thank you notes on the table outside their cubicle.


Roleplay – Sister Engmann and Sister Cysewski on contacting during conference.

 Sister Engmann and Sister Cysewski


Our lesson was given by the Assistants to the President.

Sister Eging and Sister Summerfeldt


The title of their lesson was – Faith and Alma 32.  We were asked what is faith?  Following are some of the comments.


Sister Gomes – It is a principle of power


Sister Mark – It is a principle of action


Sister Leyes – We must trust the Lord enough to keep the commandments even if we don’t understand.


Sister Strihavka – Faith without works is dead.  We must use action.


We can do everything that we can do, but it is our faith that changes hearts.  The analogy was given of a rowboat.  The rowboat is named Faith.  One oar is named Belief.  The other oar is named Action.  If you just use one oar, you would just turn in circles.  You must use both oars together to move the boat forward.


The Assistants asked: “How have you been able to increase your faith?”  The following sisters commented.


Sister Sine – Keeping the commandments shows our love for God.  We must have faith in God’s timing.


Sister Chua – Keep sharing your testimony.


Sister Wentzel – Strive to set higher goals every day.


Sister Kim – Moroni 7 – She went back to the Book of Mormon – love others, be humble, have hope and faith.


Sister Valdez – Help investigators to follow the commandments.


Sister Eging reminded us that Christ makes up the difference in our faith and inadequacies.


Sister Chansriramee read Luke 17:5-6.  All we need is the faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains.  Christ wanted the apostles to increase in faith.


Sister Hug read Luke 17:7-10  

Sister Gomes offered the following explanation.  We can have two hours on the Square in TC etc. just doing the basics.  But if we have greater faith and pray then plan for the same time frame, to find two contacts, give two copies of the Book of Mormon away and get referrals.  Be willing to go beyond the basics and have faith that Christ will help us in our goals.


Sister Fischer said that we should put all of our heart into the work and have faith in Christ.


We discussed the parable of the unprofitable servant. We should dig deep; apply to us when finished and ask ourselves – what else are we asked to do?  The servant represents us.  The Master is Jesus Christ.  We should go out and work hard.


Work –


Sister Leavitt said that we should work past the awkwardness and teach.


Sister Mark indicated that we should love where we are assigned whether it be West Gate, Beehive House, Humanitarian Center etc. and teach about the gospel.


Sister Kratzer reminded us that Christ is the ultimate servant.


We are asked to sacrifice because God did.  Christ sacrificed all for us.  We can never make up the difference, but He can.  Why should we feel we need to rest?  Everything that we do is for Him.  The restored gospel is the only way to access the atonement.  We need to align our will to God’s.


Sister Summerfeldt shared a family story.  Her older brother died just before he was one-year old.  Sister Summerfeldt never knew him.  He was riding in a car with his mother.  They were in an accident and the car rolled down a hill.  The baby flew out of the car seat and was crushed by the car.  The father and another priesthood holder came over to give a blessing.  The mother thought they were going to bless the baby and bring him back to life.  Instead, they came to her and gave her a blessing to continue with faith.  At first she was very angry that they wouldn’t heal her son.  But the blessing that she was given to continue in faith made it possible for her to go on.


Christ must be included in out tours – otherwise, it is just a tour.


Sister Skouson – Christ loves them so much that He brought them to Temple Square so that they can learn from us.


Sister Wentzel – Talk to everyone, even if our shift when over.


Sister Sine – We have all seen the light of Christ, the atonement and baptism in our life.  We are commanded to teach everyone.


Do you have the vision to baptize?  To see the guests dressed in white?  Then in baptism and the temple?  Why do you have the vision?


Sister Kolarova – If missionaries hadn’t been brave enough to extend their message to her father, she wouldn’t be here.  Who are we to withhold the message from guests.


Sister Donald – We need God in this work and God needs us in this work.


Sister Eging told of a man at Temple Square 30 years ago.  He felt the spirit here and wanted to learn more.  He went home and found the missionaries.  He, his wife, and 2 sons and 1 daughter were baptized.  Thirty years later his granddaughter, Sister Eging, is serving here on Temple Square.


Having the vision to baptize can change the mission.  We were challenged to increase our faith to find the vision to baptize.


Closing Hymn:  #220  Lord I Would Follow Thee

Closing Prayer:  Sister Calderon