1. SeishunCon 2016 Craftsmanship Costume Contest Rules & Guidelines

  1. Contestants can enter in the following categories:
  1. Individual
  2. Kids-Individual
  3. *Kids-Group (½ the members or more of the group must be age 12 or under, kids in the group are exempt from the 60% rule. Must be from the same series.)
  4. *Best Group (must be from the same series)
  5. Walk-On Only (non-judged and will only be walking at the Catwalk.)

*Due to the unpredictable size of groups, a prize for each member cannot be guaranteed.  We will try our best to ensure that everyone gets something.

  1. The judging is only guaranteed for the first 100 entrants signed-up before 3pm Saturday of the convention.  Groups count as 1 entrant and only need to fill out one form.  Stand-by entrants will only be judged if time permits.
  2. All entry forms must be submitted physically to the pre-judging area (TBD).  Entry forms may be obtained from from registration.  Judging occurs starting 11:00am Sat of convention. Entrants will be assigned judging times. Catwalk line-up begins 30 minutes prior to the main event at the Main Events room.  A sign-up receipt or walk-on entry form will be required for entry.  

  1. Entrants may be disqualified for improperly, illegibly, or dishonestly filling out the contest entry form.

  1. Contestants are expected to show up for judging no earlier than the time range indicated on their receipt.  Due to the dynamic nature of judging, actual judging time may be later than indicated.  Contestants are not expected to stay in the waiting area if their number is not close to being called due to delays.  Each contestant is required to have their entry form’s receipt for judging and the catwalk line-up. 

  1. Contestants must have made over 60% of their costume and props to be eligible to compete as anything other than walk-on. Another party may model the costume, but said maker must be present during pre-judging.  Entrants into the Kids category are exempt from this rule.

  1. All judging will be done before the Catwalk, off-stage, and focuses solely on craftsmanship.  The detailed criteria and weighting of scores are completely up to the judges.  There is no skit/performance portion to judging or the catwalk.  

  1. The catwalk is optional for all judged entrants.  In the event of running over time, Judged entrants will have priority over walk-on entrants in regards to line order.

  1. To be judged for accuracy a visual reference can be turned in with the application.  Preferably a front-side-back color picture printed on 8.5 x 11 paper.  Bringing electronic media or video devices to judging will not be accepted. This is not required. You may not be eligible for accuracy points if the judges are not familiar with your character.  References submitted will not be returned.

  1. All costumes and props must conform to SeishunCon’s behavior, safety, dress and prop weapon policies.  

  1. Costumes must be self-contained.  I.E. props and items not held or worn by the contestant will not count towards the costume.

  1. No nudity.  No costume is no costume.

  1. No profane, political, disruptive, or religious statements during the catwalk.  This includes messages on signs or clothes.  

  1. Do not use any sort of projectile at all!  Nothing may leave your person while you are on the catwalk.  No flashpots, explosive devices, smoke generators, or similar special effects are to be used.

  1. Entrants with large elaborate costumes may bring handlers to assist them onto, across, and off the stage.  SeishunCon cannot guarantee it will have enough staff to assist all entrants.

  1. Contestants will have time to walk across the stage and strike three poses for the audience at the Catwalk.

  1. Violation of the rules may result in disqualification and possible removal from the convention grounds if it is safety related.

  1. SeishunCon, unfortunately, cannot secure or hold any personal items for contestants who take part in the Catwalk.  The staff recommends you leave your bags, merchandise, ID’s, keys, and wallets with a trusted friend or family beforehand.