Homeschool Community Network

If you are a part of a homeschool community or coop in the Salt Lake area and would like to be a part of SVLA’s network, please email and ask to be added to the list below.


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Stacey Nelford



Zion Prep Family Scholar Community

Sarah Felt

LaRisa Allen



Christian based support group offering: Epic History, Science, Literary, Robotics and clubs for All ages even for Mamas and Papas!


The Gathering Place

Cassie Maddox


Epic Adventures, park days and field trips


Heather Hill



Inspire Academy

Monica Carpentier


*Offers Shakespeare for ages 8+

Geography and Liberty Girls for  ages 6+

Other Homeschooling Opportunities, Classes & Teachers        

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Kyu Shin Ryu Karate

Cole Thomas


*They work with all ages. They come to you and your group wherever you are.

Joyful Voices

Deborah Neilson

Mondays at the Tyler Library

1:00 – 2:00 pm Family Chorus

2:00 – 3:00 pm Youth Chorus


Family Chorus is for all ages, including moms, dads, or grandparents! Little ones are welcome.

Family Chorus sings in 2 part harmony in all styles, from rounds to classical to spirituals to jazz to folk.

Youth Chorus is an audition group for ages 10 and up.

There is a $15 family fee per semester and a fee per folder. The folder fee is $15 or less

Novel Writing Class

Melanie Cameron


Ages 6-11 and 12-17.  Help your children learn to LOVE writing!  These classes are great for reluctant writers as well as those who love to write.

Skills learned:

  • How to set a goal and push hard to reach it
  • What makes a novel "good" (what they like in a novel)
  • The different steps necessary to write a good story
  • How to get ideas from their head and onto paper (or a computer)
  • Writing can be FUN!
  • For those who take the editing class, how to self-edit
  • For those who take the editing class, how to peer edit
  • For those who take the editing class, how to use constructive criticism to make their writing better
  • For those who take the editing class, how to prepare their manuscript for publication

About 50% of those taking the class end up with a published novel.  (The others either have a hard time coming to a finishing point in their books, are afraid to commit to publishing, or decide not to finish the editing process.)

  Cost is $60 per child per semester.

Homeschool Diplomas and Transcript Services

Karen Smith

Any parent can prepare their child's transcript or diploma, but many parents don't have the time and would prefer to have someone with experience working with college admissions boards to design and prepare a professional looking one.  I would be delighted to help any of the homeschooling families with high school seniors.

I design the transcript, cover sheet, diploma, and give suggestions and tips on what to include and/or exclude to make your child stand out in the admissions process.

I'm a former public school teacher, homeschool mom, homeschool tester/evaluator & consultant.  I'd like to share info about my transcript service for homeschoolers. I've been a homeschooling advocate for over 20 years and help homeschoolers nationwide prepare their transcripts and diplomas.  Stress-Free!

To learn more about how I do transcripts, please visit my site:

Online Writing Classes

Josie Balkowski


Online Fall Classes begin the week of August 28th!


Each 8 week course is just $159+. 

Paragraph Writing Basics (gr. 3-5)

Introduction to Poetry (gr. 3-8)

Grammar I (gr. 4-9)

Grammar II (gr. 4-9)

Grammar III (gr. 5-9)

Writing the Short Story (gr. 4-8)

Writing the 5 Paragraph Paper (gr. 6-9)

Essay Writing (gr. 5-9)

High School Academic Paper (gr. 9-12)

Journaling: The Writer’s Voice (gr. 8-12)

Test Prep (gr. 9-12)

Business Writing (gr. 9-12)

American LIterature & Writing

Debbie Jo Harvey

Based on the Read and Write With the Best curriculums, this course will offer an opportunity to read and discuss great American literature, the history around the works and the authors who wrote them. Related writing assignments will supplement their learning and offer an opportunity to get constructive feedback on their creative and compositional writing.

Wednesday mornings beginning September 6th.


Mature 12/13+yrs

West Jordan (near Jordan Landing)

$20/mth ($10 in Dec)

Student workbook purchase strongly suggested. ($28)

Taught by Sarah Berry. Sarah holds a BA in International Studies and is a stay at home mom. She currently teaches piano at her home.  She has worked as the executive director for two non-profits and teaches medieval cooking classes for the Granite School District.


Debbie Jo Harvey

Our focus will be making sure students understand and feel comfortable with numbers. Using Jacobs Algebra as our primary guide, we'll work at a pace that ensures students are confident and able to manipulate numbers and use the knowledge they gain to solve everyday problems.

Part instruction, part practice, part group problem solving, this class will give students an opportunity to ask questions, get answers and work with others to gain confidence in themselves and their math skills.

Outside work will be offered and students are strongly encouraged to complete it in order to be truly successful in mastering Algebra. All materials will be provided. This class can be considered as a supplement to the student's individual home study. However, if he/she would like to make it the primary course, more outside work could be provided to be completed at home.

Wednesday mornings beginning September 6th.


Mature 12/13+yrs

West Jordan (near Jordan Landing)

$20/mth ($10 in Dec)

No additional materials needed. Students should have a basic knowledge of arithmetic. Some experience with Algebra is good but not necessary.

Taught by Debbie Jo Harvey. Debbie Jo is a 20+yr homeschool mom with one BYU graduate and three more in college. She holds a BA in Economics. She was a La Leche League Leader for 12 years, organized and ran a large homeschool co-op in AR for  6yrs, owned and managed an LDS bookstore for 4yrs, and moved to UT a year ago. She currently homeschools her youngest son and volunteers with several non-profits.


Chris Reese

Emily Swainston



Frequency: once a week for 8 weeks (skipping week of Oct 10-12) with an art show on the 9th week

Art Show: Nov 14-16 during normal art time

Beginning class (6-9 years old): Tuesday or Thursday, 1-2:30

*Intermediate class (9 and up): Wednesday,10:30-12 OR 1-2:30

Cost: $40, payable by cash or check the first lesson (includes supplies)

Class size: 10 children

Registration window: Aug 16-Aug 31 (first come first served basis)

First week of art: Sept 12-14

Speech and Debate

Wasatch Speech and Debate

Colton Scott


This class is extremely valuable in that it teaches students how to formulate opinions on current issues, verbalize their thoughts and ideas coherently, write short presentations spontaneously, and argue from a pro and con position.  Many parents say that one of the best skills their children gain through this class is the ability to stand firm in an opinion and not be swayed by peer pressure.

Cost: $360 per student for the whole school year.  Tuition can be covered by online programs like Mytechhigh.  Also, a limited number of scholarships are available to apply for, awarded primarily on the basis of financial need.

Group Vocal Lessons

Sunny Whiting

Sunny Whiiting


I was trained under Debra Bonner and I teach the VocalTone technique, which teaches you how to use your natural voice and build up your vocal chords to be able to use your voice to it's greatest potential. I do private lessons and group classes.  My privates are $25 for 30 minutes and my group classes are $45 for 4 - 60 minute classes. Only $30 for each additional sibling.  Contact me by texting or calling me at 8015027833


Universal Classroom

Salt Lake County Library System

They are high school level and above. There are some where you can get CEU credit. Typically they cost but the library buys the service for those with Salt Lake County library cards.There is an instructor for most of the courses (the keyboarding is self guided) and they grade the essays and quizzes.

They have over 500 classes to choose from on a variety of topics. They also have some test prep classes.

To get to the class list, go to the website. Then click on Research Room. Then General Research and from that sub-menu you'll see Universal Class.

Or here's the direct link


Amazing choirs for all ages and Orchestras for accomplished musicians. Meet at Murry High School

Homeschool Band & Orchestra Classes

Riverton Music

801-969-4358-West Jordan

801-255-8300 Sandy

Orchestra: Mon/Wed 10-10:45

Band: Tue/Th 10-10:45

$140 per school year