DHMN Organizational Meeting

March 25, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Bob T-son, Bob D-ron, Paul K, Mark F., Mike P., Jake K.

Guest: Mike Van Thull

Approve Minutes

Jake. moves to approve

Bob D-ron seconds


Treasurer's Report

Jan 2013 balance: $2350.9

Paypal transfers in progress: $274

Monthly subscriptions total:  $390 (up $65)

# of Paying members:  11 (up 2)

Average per member: $35.45 (down .66)

Debts: none

Credits: none

Old Business

3D Printer is working. Alex took it to Elkhart Indiana. Our printer is a Mendle90.

New Business

Basement Space

28 x 23 + storage room

Restroom access 24/7

24 hr. access

Carpet is OK with DHMN

Bob D-ron: We will need to figure storage.

Building is owned by Dave and Paul Willems

We will need to have insurance

Paul: When could we move in?

Mike VT: Back wall needs fixing -- a couple of hours work by construction workers.

Utilities included

Bob D-ron: We should define our electricity use.

Parking is metered on the street or $2/day in ramp, or free within a few blocks walk

Bob D-ron moves to proceed with negotiations

Mark F seconded

Vote carried

Meeting scheduled for March 28 at 6:00 with pizza!

Bob D-ron: Need to finalize membership rules.


Move to Adjourn: Bob T-son

Seconded: Bob D-ron