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Summer workshop report
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MIT-Google App Inventor Summer School, 2014

(report by Kathy Deng, Google China)

The six-week long MIT-Google App Inventor Summer School program was successfully completed on August 8, 2014.


For 6 weeks starting at the beginning of July, the MIT teaching team of 4 students taught App Inventor on five 3-day teacher workshops, two 1-day student summer camps and one 1-day teacher workshop, at various cities in China: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Lanzhou. Following are the data:


app inventor.jpg


These App Inventor workshops have resulted in a pool of trained App Inventor teachers, who will transfer skills to their students and advocate others to use App Inventor. App Inventor is a great tool for educating young kids. As Hal remarked during the workshop kickoff at Guangzhou on July 20: Smartphones are "super computers", every student becomes creator, not just user. The students can create something which can never be achieved before. The CS teachers will find that App Inventor is a good vehicle for educating young kids for innovation.


SOME APPLICATIONS from the workshop participants with screenshots:

Mole Attack, Guess Chinese idioms, Alarm Clock, Racing Car (gravity sensor enabled), Happy Birthday Card, Chinese Ancient Learning Application, To Hell with Johnny.