Wordle Ideas

Writing Analysis:

    * Speech analysis

    * Speech comparison

    * Autobiography analysis

    * Author analysis

    * Vocabulary activities

    * Poetry analysis

    * Famous author titles

    * World a couple of book reviews.

    * Use wordle to add a graphic visual to some of the kids' journals and poems about the Holocaust. - Barnstable

     *Create a thesaurus with the overused word displayed largest, then add synonyms - Kara Sakellaris


*Wordle the content of your lesson, the biggest words are the key vocabulary. - Diehl


    * Wordle articles written about a common artist or painting.

    * List your top 10 paintings by title, wordle them.

    * List your top 10 paintings by artist, wordle them

Personal Reflection:

    * List of most recent books read, including genre

    * List of most recent titles of magazines read.

    * Keep a food diary for one week, then wordle the results.

    * Wordle writing for frequently misspelled words.

    * Identify overused words and use synonyms

    * List the people you sat next to throughout the week.

    * Have students generate a bunch of free and open thoughts on any topic, have them customize them in a way they find aesthetically appealing and then engage in a discussion on the different wordles that emerge. -Kannan


    * Wordle the sports headlines.

    * Read the sports page online. Wordle the titles of the articles you read.

    * List the last 5 major league baseball teams you saw play in person.

    * List the winning Superbowl teams.

Fun With Words:

    * Design word games

    * Use wordle to experiment with synonyms

    * Wordle words with prefixes

    * Wordle your spelling list

Social Studies:

    * Wordle the home states of the past presidents.

    * Wordle a famous speech.

    * Wordle the battles of the Civil War, with states identified.

    * Wordle the words to Civil Rights music.

    * Wordle the words to any series of songs that reflect a significant time period.


    * Wordle Einstein's theory of relativity.

Current Events:

    * Wordle the headlines

    * Wordle a new story you find online.

    * Wordle an editorial.

    * Feed an entire transcript of a nightly news telecast into the wordle and see what results. -Kannan

    * Wordle the transcript from a District 97 board meeting-Kannan

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