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  1. DATE
  1. The District 8 Athletic Association Open Curling schedule shall be played in the months October to March unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change.

  1. Open curling will take place at various curling facilities within Waterloo Region in order to fit the competition schedule.
  2. The locations of the games shall be as they appear in the District 8 Sports Schedule unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change.

  1. There shall be two (2) competitive divisions:



  1. An interlocking schedule may be used if either division does not have sufficient teams to make up a viable league. Playoffs will be separate.

  1. League practice time shall be provided during October / November.
  2. League play shall take place during the months of November to February. With the start of the season as close to November 1st as possible.
  3. Playoff games shall take place during the month of February, in time to select CWOSSA representatives.
  4. A school may enter only one team for competition. A second team may be allowed with the permission of the convener, on an exhibition basis only, and only if the schedule and ice availability allows it.
  5. Games cancelled by weather conditions will be attempted to be re-scheduled. A game will not be re-scheduled because of a lack of players, rather it will be defaulted.

  1. Each competitor must be eligible under all the rules and regulations outlined in the District 8 Athletic Association Constitution and By-Laws. Schools and coaches should review the eligibility requirements listed in the constitution including the following highlights:
  1. Is certified as eligible by the Principal of the school and is in grades 9-12  (District 8 Constitution: Article IX: Player Eligibility, Section 2) 
  2. No school shall include in its line-up any student who has been registered as a transfer from another school within the previous 12 months unless deemed eligible by the District 8 Transfer Appeals Committee. (District 8 Constitution: Article IX: Player Eligibility, Section 7)
  1. A team’s eligibility list must be received by the league convenor before the first league game. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of all games until the eligibility list is received.
  2. Coaches may make additions to the eligibility list during the season.
  3. Team membership shall not be restricted by the number of years of curling experience.

  1. The playoffs shall consist of at least a semi-final round and championship final round. A final playoff format will determined prior to season play commencing by the District 8 Board of Directors and/or Seasonal Committee.
  2. Playoff dates shall be determined at a fall meeting, and shall depend on the number of teams and ice availability.
  3. The following rule changes shall apply to playoff games:
  1. All playoff games will be eight ends, and will begin at 3:00 p.m.
  2. There will be a two-minute time-out at the halfway point of each playoff game. During this time the coach may advise the team. As well, each coach is allowed two (2) time outs when they are in control of the house. Both coaches may advise their team at that time. No other coaching is allowed during the game. Players must initiate time outs.
  3. A team must start each game with four (4) players.
  4. A substitute may not be recruited except from the team roster.
  1. In the event of a tie for a play-off position, the following tie-breaking procedure will be used:
  1. win-loss record of tied teams against each other;
  2. if still tied, the win-loss records against higher ranked teams;
  3. if still tied, points for and against each other including only the teams tied;
  4. if still tied, a toss of a coin shall decide the final standings;
  1. if a team forfeits a game or games, and if that team is tied with other teams at the end of the schedule, then that team would be relegated to the lower standing between the teams tied. In the event of a forfeit, the point spread rule is not used.

  1. Student curlers are not allowed on the ice until their coach or his/her designate is present.
  2. Teams may be penalized for late arrival (loss of points). Regular OCA rules (i.e. 1 point, 1 end, loss of hammer for every 15 minutes; default after 30 minutes) shall apply unless extraordinary circumstances prevail. The convener or his/her designate shall have the final say in this matter.
  3. Games shall be eight ends long, except that there is a time limit at both clubs that is governed by the following:
  1. No end shall start after 5:15 p.m. at either club ( subject to change from year to year as available ice times vary).
  2. Every effort shall be made to complete all eight ends. Teams shall not use the clock to prevent the playing of eight ends in a close game.
  1. A team must have at least three curlers present in league play or the game will be defaulted. The following provisions apply:
  1. A team with only two regular team members present may use substitutes from the team roster.
  2. A team with only one regular team member must default the game, although an exhibition game may be played if substitutes are available.
  1. If a team has only two members present, that team may use substitutes from the team roster only.
  2. A substitute may enter the game after the 4th end. The person entering the game may not re-enter.
  3. Each team is allowed two (2) one minute time outs when they are in control of the house or at the end of an end. Both coaches may advise their team at that time. No other coaching is allowed during the game.
  4. Fair Play time-out: The coach or league convener may call a two (2) minute time-out to talk to a player or players regarding inappropriate behaviour or conduct as defined under OFSAA rules. The first time there will be a warning issued. Upon a second and further infractions in any other games the player will be removed from the ice for the duration of that game. The league convener is to keep track of such infractions.
  5. Teams will be awarded points for games as follows:
  1. A win is worth three (3) points.
  2. A tie is worth two (2) points.
  3. A played loss is worth one (1) point.
  4. A defaulted game is worth zero (0) points.
  1. Any situation not covered by these rules shall be governed by District 8, OFSAA or OCA rules.
  2. The convener or his/her designate shall:

Be present from 3:15 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. each schedule day.

Post the draw before each game, and record the scores at the end of each game.

Serve as umpire when needed.

Serve as a resource person regarding the coaching of curling skills, etiquette, and other matters.

Provide first-aid equipment at each club, and publicize the location of the first-aid kit.

  1. Each coach shall:

Be present from 3:15 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. each scheduled day, or obtain a substitute to be present.

Check the draw before each game, and assist his/her team to start on time and be at the correct location.

Ensure that all teams will be present for every game, or notify the opposing team and convener in advance if his/her team must default.

Supervise the on-ice and off-ice activities of his/her team members, while in the curling club.

Be aware of and enforce the rules of the host club.

Be aware of the location of the first-aid equipment.

Endeavor to teach the rules of etiquette to all student curlers.

Advise his/her team during time outs.

  1. Student curlers shall:

Be aware that all regular season games will begin at 3:30 p.m. (subject to change from year to year as available ice times vary). Players will be present and ready to play, or obtain a substitute to be present, or notify their coach well in advance.

Record the scores at the end of each game ( the vice of the winning team should perform this duty).

Be aware of and obey the rules of the host club.

Be aware of the location of the first-aid equipment.

Be responsive to all coaches in matters of safety, behaviour on and off the ice and decorum.

Be aware of the rules of etiquette of curling and endeavor to follow them.

  1. The wearing of uniform shirts, jackets, or sweaters is recommended but not necessary.
  2. Proper footwear (curling shoes or sliders) is recommended, but tape on the sliding foot is allowed. The shoes worn must not be regularly used street shoes or scratch the ice.

  1. District 8 will provide championship awards as per District 8 Athletic Association “By-Law VII”.

  1. No team representative can video a practice other than the practices they are participating in. Team representatives videoing games/matches they are not participating in must,
  1. Only use the video captured for team use, and not posted externally
  2. Only be taken by school staff members or school adult volunteers approved by the school’s administration

  1. A staff member from each school represented must be present and responsible for the behaviour of his/her students.
  2. Players must obey normal school and club rules, including:

Players must abide by the dress regulations of each host club or may be sent home.

Students are not allowed to smoke before, during or after a game at either club.

Students are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages before, during or after a game at either club.

Club rules that are designed to keep the ice surface clean and in good condition must be followed.

Students use of a facility should not interfere with the members’ ability to enjoy their own facility.

  1. It is the responsibility of each coach to provide for his/her own team medical needs in accordance with his/her School Medical Regulations.
  2. Each school must have a First Aid Kit on site during competition. First-aid supplies are available at both clubs. Be aware of the location of these kits.

  1. The procedure for all protests, complaints, and suspensions is outlined in Bylaw IV of the District 8 By-laws.

  1. A preseason and postseason coaches meeting will be held each season with the possibility of a mid season meeting.
  2. Voting at the curling meetings will be limited to one (1) vote per team entered. Representatives must be present at the meeting to vote. Voting by proxy will not be permitted.
  3. A simple majority of votes will rule.
  4. All changes to the Rules & Regulations must be ratified by the Board of Directors.

District 8 Curling (Boys/Girls) - Playing Rules And Regulations

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