Google Apps for Educators - For Beginners (Jeff)

Google’s tools are FREE, simple to use and can instantly make your life easier. We will walk you through the basic features of Google Apps so you’re comfortable moving on to the Next Level.  By the end of this session you’ll walk away with a Google Apps account and ideas you can put to use immediately.

Becoming a Connected Educator (Jeff)

Thousands of educators all around the world share their thoughts, ideas and lesson plans with each other every day, and you’re only 140 characters away from joining them. In the first half, you’ll learn how to leverage Twitter and other forms of social media as a means of finding new ideas. In the second half, we’ll get you set up with your own blog so you can start sharing with the world.

Empowering Teachers and Students with Technology (Lissa)

Students and instructors are using technology for learning and teaching, but how do we know if it's any good or not? We will work through a few pedagogical frameworks then assess and discuss low- and high-level technology integration. We will conclude with a design session in which we work together to create high-level technology-infused lessons.

*** Come prepared to be an active participant! 

[Resources for this presentation are licensed to Scott McLeod under a Creative Commons copyright license.]

Google Apps for Educators –  Next Level (Lissa)

Google tools can save you time AND transform your classroom & school. Chrome, Drive, Calendar, Blogger, Sites, Groups - you’ll be ready to start using them with your students, school and classrooms around the world.