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Courtneys Fund email Jan 2013
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Courtney's Fund and Tulane University Law School are honored to announce "The Courtney Harrington LeBoeuf Environmental Law Scholarship at Tulane University School of Law."

This perpetual endowment is funded through YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS to Courtney's Fund and a generous grant from John Edgcomb at the Edgcomb Law Group.

Scott Cowen, President of Tulane University, writes that Courtney "was devoted to advancing environmental education at Tulane, and her passion for science, nature and environmental justice continues to inspire our students and faculty. [The endowment] will ensure we can attract the brightest students wishing to pursue the study of environmental law.’”

Supporters have been essential to the progress of the Tulane University School of Law since its first classes of lawyers graduated more than a century and a half ago. In fact, the Law School’s comeback after Hurricane Katrina is a direct credit to alumni like Courtney, whose generosity continues to strengthen our ability to educate and engage legal professionals who are devoted to giving back to their communities and causes.

In the broader context of the resurrection of New Orleans since the storm, there is no better city, no better time and no better place to pursue the study of law while making a difference in the everyday lives of people struggling with the effects of some of the toughest environmental issues of our day.  Courtney cared deeply about inspiring young legal scholars to tackle these most critical challenges, and this perpetual scholarship enables Tulane environmental law students to focus on support environmental awareness and protection.

Through generous private donations and a seed commitment from Courtney’s Fund, we were able to establish an endowment for the scholarship.  This annual scholarship will be awarded to a Juris Doctorate student entering his or her third year of law school, with a demonstrated commitment to environmental law.

What is an endowment?  An endowed scholarship is a fund managed by a university, which pays out a fixed percentage (5-7%) of the fund every year - in perpetuity.  A $25,000 endowment could award a yearly $1,250 scholarship; whereas, a $100,000 fund may pay out $5,000.  

The larger the endowment, the more it can pay out as a scholarship.  

An endowments is forever - it will award Courtney’s scholarship to current and future generations of environmental attorneys.    It is our aim to grow the endowment through recurring grants from Courtney’s Fund, contributions from Tulane alumni, and direct contributions from individuals.  You can directly contribute to the the environmental law scholarship online, via credit card, to directly to support The Courtney Harrington LeBoeuf Environmental Law Scholarship via this donate now link.

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