Some Resources for Egalitarians

by Alison Rowan

For all lovers of the equality purchased by the Blood of Christ for all, these articles can help support your own research and understanding. I have not always approached these subjects from the usual angle since I have a keen eye for noticing detail and therefore have some different insights to offer.

1:  Lydia

Fairly substantial, even if circumstantial, evidence to her being the first overseer of the Philippian church. 1536 words.

2:  Paul’s Training Methods

I looked at how Paul trained Priscilla and Aquila as he lived in their home and suggested he was doing the same with Lydia. I briefly mention Chloe and the other two female overseers in 2 John. I also cover the reason for the pastoral letters and the work of Phoebe, ex-deaconess, but now apostolic delegate, commissioned to carry and possibly institute matters arising from the letter to the Romans. I mention the NT church structure of ‘households’ and public meetings in larger venues. 1144 words

3:  Women Overseers in 2 John and Elsewhere

I also mention Chloe and Lydia. 1345 words

4:  Phoebe the Leader

Some new material looking at KJV patriarchal bias in translation against women deacons and noticing the permission for women to lead men in Rom 12:8 as well as teach in Eph 5:19 and Col 3:16, calling into question the Complementarian interpretation of 1 Tim 2:12. 1254 words

5: Chloe - the Most Positively Identified Female Leader of Men?

Here I was intrigued by the mention of Chloe in 1 Cor 1:11 and found it provoked some serious questions with only a few even more startling answers possible to them. 1251 words

6:  Sixteen NT Instances where Women Teach and Lead Men

Even if only one is valid, that is enough to overthrow the Complementarian’s interpretation of 1 Tim 2:12. Taking the ‘one another’ and ‘each one’ references alone are 5 indisputable verses! 698 words

7:  Requirements for Leaders 

I concentrate on the gender neutrality in all the Greek words and phrases employed in the selection requirements for church leadership. 2946 words

8:  Purpose, Calling and Role

An article looking in some detail at social and biblical definitions and distinctions between them and generally decrying the Complementarian straight-jacket. 2985 words

9:  Concept of Covering

The notion of any connection of ‘covering’ to an ‘umbrella of authority’ is alien to all the uses of the word in the OT and NT, except in the translators’ addition of ‘a symbol of’ to 1 Cor 11:10. 1492 words

10:  The Part of a Man and Husband

A look at the Greek words that describe the part a Man plays towards his wife, in the home and in the church. The absence of Patriarchy is blatant. 1215 words

11: Pronouncements in Eden

What God said to whom, when and why to establish what authority was granted. 1848 words

12:  Eden Authority Logic

An investigation into the assumed existence of patriarchy before the Fall. 2587 words

13:  Ezer Kenedgo, Alone, Desire and For

A study of these words in the Hebrew showing how Complementarian eisegesis to include patriarchy necessitates an invalid change in their meaning. 1880 words

14:  Patriarchy

My most popular Linked-in post (fifteen Linked-In likes) where I skim through the demise of patriarchy through various subjects. 985 words

15:  Should Women Keep Silent?

Sixteen reasons why Paul was not teaching that women should be silent in 1 Cor 14:34-5. 5132 words.

16: Tripartite Redemption

A look at the tripartite nature of God, man, the temptation, the Fall, redemption and its application over time, answering the question of why patriarchy is no longer applicable despite there being continued pain in childbirth and thorns from the ground. 2462 words

17:  Biblical Headship

Wide ranging article proposing an alternative understanding of Headship from both Old and New Testaments. I look at the rise of Patriarchy, NT church governance, and all the OT and NT figurative uses of ‘head’. I arrive at some conclusions that differ from the usual stances. 8432 words

18:  A review of a Complementarian controlled Bible Study

A new look at the anomalies in 1 Cor 11:3-16, the Complementarian interpretation of it and the 1 Cor 14 passage and 1 Tim 2. 5394 words

19:  Galatians 3:26-9 in its context

A study of Gal 3:28 in the context of the passage and whole book, emphasising its interpretation in terms of our new birth through baptism into Christ of our spirit, versus our former identity as natural flesh beings. 3007 words

20:  Hierarchy - is it for the Church?

A brief look at some of the words that describe leadership in the church and the desired attitudes of both leaders and followers. 2110 words

21:  Teaching in the First Century Church

Research into first century teaching practice and how ignorance of this has contributed to the misinterpretation of 1 Tim 2:12 1998 words

22:  A Comparison of Hermeneutics in the Complementarian/Egalitarian Debate

I have provided some illustrations to demonstrate how the hermeneutics applied to a passage arrive at utterly different interpretations, concluding that implementations from them should be examined in the light of the most sound hermeneutics. 1715 words