General Body Meeting

January 29, 2017

9:00PM-12:00AM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Executive Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Upcoming Meetings
  2. Pennbook Resources for Student Bereavement
  3. State of the School
  4. Catholic University Student Government Exchange
  5. UA GBM Structure Changes
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past UA Steering
  2. Next University Council
  3. World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Resolutions/Amendments
  1. Election Eligibility Resolution
  1. Authored by: the Executive Board
  1. GBM Structure Amendment
  1. Authored by: Nile Nwogu and Taylor Becker
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Quaker Career Closet (Student Life)
  1. Project Updates
  1. I AM PENN (Social Justice)
  2. Alternative Funding Resource Guide (Social Justice)
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Career Center Headshots (Student Life)
  2. Heating in Williams (Dining, Sustainability, & Facilities)
  3. DPS Photoshoot Campaign (Student Life)
  4. SAIL Courses on PenninTouch (Student Life)
  5. Charging Stations at Starbucks (Social Justice)
  1. External Seats
  2. Communications

Executive Reports

President’s Report

  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  1. President Gutmann: Wednesday, 2/1
  2. Provost Price: Friday, 2/3
  1. Pennbook Resources for Student Bereavement
  1. The Provost’s Office worked with the student group Actively Moving Forward to create a page in the Penn Book with resources and policies for students who have experienced a close death. The page can be found here and has details including information about AMF, university offices that can help students process grief, and much more. Very pleased to see the results of AMF’s hard work!
  1. State of the School
  1. Every year the six branches of Penn Student Government come together to share our work with each other and the student body. This year SOTS will be on Wednesday, 2/8 at 8:00pm in the Harrison rooftop lounge. Invite your friends!
  1. Catholic University Student Government Exchange
  1. 11 student government representatives from Catholic University in Washington, DC are coming to campus on Friday, 2/3 from noon until 2pm. The plan is to give them a tour of campus and then sit down to discuss how our groups are structured and what types of initiatives we work on. If you’re interested in participating let me know! Everyone is welcome.
  1. UA GBM Structure Changes
  1. I’m always open to feedback about how UA GBMs could be structured more effectively. Brian suggested that we redesign the agenda so that instead of ordering documents by committee, we order them based on document type starting with the documents that require the most engagement (resolutions and discussion papers). This week we are going to try that format to see if it works better than the usual structure. After the meeting please let me know your thoughts!

Vice-President’s Report

  1. Past UA Steering
  1. This past Tuesday, UA Steering met with Malik Washington, the Associate Director of Penn Violence Prevention. We discussed Penn’s policies and resources regarding violence prevention and different programming such as PAVE, MARS, and SAVA that the office provides. The discussion also included input from various student groups on the office and its programs. Malik can be reached at
  1. Next University Council
  1. Next University Council will take place this Wednesday on February 1st at 4pm in Bodek Lounge in Houston Hall. There will be a UC Prep meeting with the undergraduate delegation on Tuesday at 10pm to prepare for UC. At the meeting, there will be a an approval of the minutes from the Open Forum, followed by follow up questions on status reports and a discussion of academic and personal integrity at Penn.
  1. World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
  1. From January 31st to February 5th, I will be attending the 16th Annual World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Bogota, Colombia with other student leaders from across the Ivy League. I will be connecting with student government leaders about important issues and initiatives at their universities during the week and will also have the chance to enhance inter-icy relationships and collaborations that focus on policy, activism, and social impact. Please let me know if you have anything you would like me to bring up at the Summit.

UA Report

  1. Member of the Week. This week’s member of the week is...


Election Eligibility Resolution

Authored by: the UA Executive Board

Background: Membership in the Undergraduate Assembly is a serious and rewarding commitment. In the past, a few members would either resign or be removed from the UA because of attendance issues every year. This year, though, the UA has had nine elected representatives resign before the end of the term.

While almost every person who resigned did so for a different reason, the cumulative effect of the resignations has damaged the UA’s ability to work on initiatives on behalf of the students who elected us. Exec and Cabinet have worked to try to understand why each of these people resigned. While we take responsibility for our role in the resignations and are making internal changes, we think that there are two other main reasons why people resigned: they either did not understand the full commitment of being on the UA when they chose to run or they did not perceive any serious consequences would result from their resignation. Our goal is to put in place rules and structures that address both drivers.

We are working with the NEC to make sure that candidates have a better understanding of what membership on the UA entails before they run. The candidate packet will make it clear that the UA is a full academic year commitment and that the time commitment for members with no leadership positions is at least five hours per week. We also plan to outline the UA’s attendance rules during the official candidate meeting. Candidates will be required to sign a statement acknowledging that they understand the scope of their commitment to the UA, should they win, in order for their names to appear on the ballot. We are also going to expand the pre-election information session, which is mandatory for all candidates, so that it includes more information about what the experience of being on the UA is actually like. The outgoing UA President will be responsible for attending that meeting in order to describe the UA and answer any candidates’ questions. Our hope is that this will help candidates make informed decisions about whether or not the UA is right for them before they are elected. That being said, of the nine people who resigned this year, only two were serving elected positions on the UA for the first time.

The goal of the rule we are proposing in this resolution is to address the other main driver of resignations: a lack of perceived consequences. The rule is not intended to be punitive, but instead to encourage people to treat the decision to resign more seriously. Until now, when a UA member resigns, most of the negative effects fall on the UA’s leadership, the member’s former committee, the NEC, and the Penn students who would have benefitted from their project work. This rule shifts some of the consequences to the UA members who choose to resign by making them ineligible for elected membership in the next year’s UA.

Resignation has a negative effect on the UA, the NEC, and the Penn students who vote for students to represent them. When UA members resign, their projects stall and are often not completed. It takes time and energy to recruit new UA members, run special elections, and educate and onboard people late into the year. The NEC isn’t able to make changes to the FPC, the document that governs elections procedures, during any part of an election, so when they hold special elections throughout the year it inhibits their ability to make improvements to election procedures.

This rule will not be applied retroactively to anyone who resigned from the UA prior to this semester. The rule also does not apply to Associate Members, who are part of the UA at the Speaker’s discretion. Of the nine people who resigned from the UA this year, four were seniors and this rule would have had no affect on them. We know that this rule will not stop people from resigning altogether, but our hope is that it encourages people to consider their ability to commit to the UA before they run and to stay committed throughout their term.


The UA resolves to:

  1. Direct the Nominations and Elections Committee to adapt the following rule into the Fair Practices Code, the document used to govern elections.

With the exception of any students who take a leave of absence from Penn during their term, any elected UA representative who resigns from or is removed from the UA during his or her term is not eligible to run for an elected seat in the next UA session. This refers to the session immediately following that from which the individual resigns or is removed and includes special elections run to fill vacant seats. The UA Speaker will be responsible for sending the NEC Elections Chair a list of former elected UA members who resigned or were removed from the body during the session by the Candidate meeting held before spring elections.

2. The UA reserves the right to direct the NEC to remove or change this rule at any point going forward by passing a resolution.

Bylaw Amendment - GBM Structure

Authored by: Taylor Becker and Nile Nwogu


We believe that many members feel that that the time we spend at meetings could be more efficient. We should be having tough conversations about issues that students care about. As such, we feel it is important that we take the time to re-evaluate the structure of our meetings. After reviewing the bylaws of peer institutions, we believe that this bylaw amendment will make our meetings more productive.

The amended bylaw will be placed in the existing bylaws as follows.

96. All regularly stated meetings of the UA shall include an Open Forum, Old Business and New Business. All meetings shall commence with a Roll Call.

97. The President shall otherwise set the agenda of the UA, and establish time limits for other parts of the meeting as the President sees fit, although the UA may overturn such establishments by a majority vote.

98. Each UA general body meeting will have a ten minute Open Forum, conducted in the following way:

  1. Non-UA members will have priority during the Open Forum sessions.
  1. The Speaker will recognize non-UA members at the start of each open forum session.
  2. Before recognizing UA members, the Speaker will ask non-UA members for any additional comments.
  3. After the Speaker begins recognizing UA members, any non-UA member will be given priority if he/she has an additional comment or topic for discussion.
  1. Open Forum sessions will be organized into discussions of particular issues that are brought up by any person wishing to speak.
  1. UA members can add topics to be discussed during the open forum session by submitting the request directly to the Speaker.
  2. The Speaker will recognize each topic to be discussed in order of their submission. After an initial comment, the chair will recognize any follow-up comments directly concerning the issue before moving on to the next topic.
  3. Any person may submit an additional topic throughout the open forum session, although it will receive lower priority than pre-submitted issues.

99. All motions on the table shall be taken from the table and placed before the UA during Old Business. New Business shall be conducted in the following way:

  1. Representatives of the standing committees and any ad hoc committees shall each have three minutes to report on all project updates and completions from their respective committees.
  2. After each committee report, members from that committee who submitted discussion documents for the general body shall present these documents.


The Undergraduate Assembly hereby resolves to add the following to the UA Bylaws in Section: Orders of the Day, listed as Article 99:

New Business shall be conducted in the following way:

  1. Representatives of the standing committees and any ad hoc committees shall each have three minutes to report on all project updates and completions from their respective committees.
  2. After each committee report, members from that committee who submitted discussion documents for the general body shall present these documents.

Discussion Papers

Quaker Career Closet

Authored by: Gabrielle Jackson

Career Services is launching an initiative to provide professional attire to students who would otherwise not have the resources for it. Their plan in to run a two-week professional clothing drive (January 30-February 15), accepting donations from undergrad and grad students, faculty, and staff, and then hosting a subsequent "Quaker Career Closet" whereby students can come and try on items and pick one free professional attire outfit at the event on February 20.

They are going to see how successful this event is and then decide if they are going to run this event on a semesterly basis or consider expanding it into a rental system.

1) Do you think this event addresses a real need on campus?

2) Would UA be interested in co-sponsoring the initiative? That means volunteering for the clothing drive/event and helping to promote them?

Project Updates


Authored by Jordan Andrews and Natasha Menon

After rethinking our previous "Even at Penn" video series project, we have come up with a new concept that will still focus on intersectional identities and will involve the 5B umbrella groups. This week, we reached out to co-chairs, and our project will be introduced to 5B constituents in the upcoming week via our presence at GBMs, email circulation, and/or co-chair description to the rest of the board.

Alternative Funding Resource Guide

Authored by: Jordan Andrews

Inspired by the many great unpaid internships and expensive summer programs about which Penn students receive information, I decided to look into compiling an alternative funding guide (e.g. grants, scholarships, financial aid resources, etc.) that could help some students make informed decisions about their summer plans. I met with the Executive Director of Education and Academic Planning, Rob Nelson, on Friday to discuss similar existing resources and direct the project.

Completion Reports

Career Headshots

Authored by: Max Grove


Career Services and Weigle partnered to offer students headshots to use for platforms like LinkedIn. The pilot program in the fall semester was very popular and was fully booked, so they are eager to keep these going.  The plan is to do at least three sessions spread throughout the semester.  The first would be right before our February career fairs, then one before spring break and another again towards the end of the semester. The sessions would be open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Penn. We will be looking into the future to promote marketing the dates once Weigle and Career Services decide on future dates.

Heating in Williams

Authored by: Dante Miele-Elion

In response to complaints that the Silfen Study Center in Williams was too cold, I reached out to building manager, Maria Romeo, who reported the issue to FRES. FRES discovered an issue with the pneumatic line to the valve for the reheat heat exchanger, and has since fixed the problem.

DPS Photoshoot Campaign

Authored by: Michael Krone

The original purpose of this project was to publicize the Penn Walk and Penn Ride services. After doing a photoshoot with members of the UA and MERT, we are going to publish the posters in the coming weeks following some last-minute graphic updates. Look out for them in College Houses and academic buildings soon, as well as some crowdsourcing for some help to distribute them.

SAIL Courses on PenninTouch

Authored by: Samantha Shea and Gabrielle Jackson

It was brought to our attention that SAIL (Structured, Active, In-Class Learning) courses were not labeled on PenninTouch. We talked with the University Registrar and the will be putting a "Important Note" on such classes, see below. The one caveat is that it is up to the professors to notify PenninTouch that their particular class is SAIL. Also, we suggested putting an option for SAIL courses in the drop down menu when searching for classes, they are currently working on that, and it has been suggested for the new version of PenninTouch.

Charging Stations at Starbucks

Authored by: Jordan Andrews

After hearing some students complain about the lack of charging stations/outlets in the main area of 1920 Commons Starbucks, I contacted the 1920 Commons Retail Manager, Kyle Grizzard, and the Director of Business Services, Pamela Lampitt, to ask about potentially getting additional charging options installed. Kyle reported that the Penn Dining team is currently researching possible solutions, and Pamela confirmed that Starbucks will be tackling this as a summer project.

External Seats


  1. Roll Call
  1. David Scollan-NEC Chair
  2. Amanda- previous secretary
  3. Will- past speaker
  4. Joyce- past president
  1. Open Forum
  1. Kat- Federal immigration ban
  1. Riad has been working very hard on this issue and is working with groups that are working with those issues
  1. David- Will you be able to yield to us?
  1. Us
  1. Michelle- We had budget meetings with Penn Labs and it may seem that it did not go as well. We might not understand the backend of what they are working on but they will work with us better and communicate us more directly
  1. Executive Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Upcoming Meetings
  1. Meeting with President gutmann and Provost Price. The dinner is next week  
  1. Pennbook Resources for Student Bereavement
  1. Last semester I met with Actively Moving Forward worked on the bereavement policy. These are policies that you don't need until you need them. What are the policies that govern so we worked to create a page in the Penn Book where students can find it.
  1. Jay- Is it easier to search the website now?
  1. We have not check yet
  1. (Kat yields to Riad)
  1. Riad- The order that was issued by Trump means that citizens from these countries can’t enter the US for the next 3 months. We have a lot of students form these nations. And some of these have family back home and they can't see their family. It causes a lot of trouble for the people that are involved. We are looking to do more. I had a call with the director of ISSS. We want to make sure they are getting the right legal and mental support. Ensuring that they have job security and financial support too. All of the the people i knew were planning to go home and now we are figuring out what to do. We want the people to know that we have legal services and can be extended to this. I met with the president of ISSS and AIS and today I got into touch with MSA president. This is not a Muslim but it affects a lot of countries where people could be Christian. I was just in a meeting the WHarton MBA to talk about what they were going to do. Some of them are here and their spouses are abroad. When i left they were talking about the action that they are going to take. I will let you know.
  1. Sam I- I can imagine how hard this has to be tough personally. But because the ban is 3 months, if it is lifted -Flights are very expensive. Can we book flights now and if the ban is not lifted, can we get the university to reimburse them? I don’t know if anything is possible but if there is anything that can be done
  1. Riad- students from these country have to renew after freshman year, so many of them can’t do that
  1. Brian- You mention UA legal services- is there any possibility of bumping up our budget?
  1. Michelle- we started preliminary meetings. Taylor has done an amazing job. We are going to increase based on Taylor requests.
  1. Taylor- We did talk about this a week ago and we might talk again. I don't know what extent the lawyer specializes in immigration law.
  1. Santosh- Maybe reach out to clubs and see if there are students from the clubs if they are affected. And if they are not part of organizations such as PUHC, these organizations can help to students aware of the support.
  1. Riad- I do think that it is very important
  1. Aimee- If you want extra help let me know. I can as Perry World house and ask them. I know Penn Bens are trying to advertise themselves more. I think that would be good
  1. State of the School
  1. Kasey- I am the Vice Chair of Education on NEC. we hold SOTS as part of a larger PSG week. There Is a pop up event on Monday. Tuesday is a fanfest and feb club event. Wednesday night is the state of the school. Thursdays- we will have inter PSG events. SOTS is from 8-9 on Wednesday in Harrison. I am going to be asking you to changing your cover pictures.
  1. Michelle- Thursday is SAC’s first meeting
  1. Kasey- We have to look into that. The goal is to ensure that is is affordable for everyone
  1. Catholic University Student Government Exchange
  1. The President of Catholic university are coming and she wants to meet with us. I have not gotten a lot of responses so we might need to cancel it. Is anyone interested?
  1. (Krone raises hand)
  1. We have the Philly 5 group and it is very helpful to talk to other people. I think that it is still good to learn from others.
  1. UA GBM Structure Changes
  1. We have been looking to see how we can make them shorter and more efficient. Maybe we can start with ones that require the most involvement.
  1. Taylor- Going to the previous point, is it possible to have someone else give them a tour?
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past UA Steering
  1. We had Malik washington and we talked about Penn’s resources. His email is right there if you want to
  1. Next University Council
  1. Next University Council will take place this Wednesday on February 1st at 4pm in Bodek Lounge in Houston Hall.
  1. World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
  1. I will be going to Columbia for this summit through the IVY council, so if you guys have any ideas for what to bring up please let me know.
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Resolutions/Amendments
  1. Election Eligibility Resolution
  1. Authored by: the Executive Board
  1. Jay: We’ve been looking at what happened in the last semester- from leadership to interpersonal dynamic- it seems that when people run for the UA do not know what they are getting themselves into- if you drop you will not be able to run for the next year- we think this is really important
  2. Kat- We know who resigned, but don’t mention anyone by name and I don’t want to talk about other people’s business in a public forum
  3. Max: Does this apply to people who were kicked off for attendance reasons?
  1. Riad: Is removed or resigned
  2. Michele: For attendance reasons
  1. Kanishka: Is this a thing we see often? That they drop with the intention of re-running?
  1. Kat: a member did not contest his removal and then ran for VP
  1. Samara: Does this happen with people who resign again?
  1. Kat: People who resign have run again
  1. Maria: Would they be able to apply as AM?
  1. Jay: discretion of the speaker
  1. Justin: Do they get to contest? Class or religious exemptions?
  1. Jay: They can contest-- if there are extenuating circumstances exec deals with it
  1. Alaina: how is this amendment supposed to incentivize people to not resign from the UA? The last time this happened was 2 years ago
  1. Michelle: want people to understand the commitment- there does not seem to be this understanding- want people to know what they’re signing up for
  2. Jay: how many special elections will you have?
  1. Krone: This resolution has extension for leave of absence- is there room for any other extenuating circumstances to fall under this?
  1. Kat: variable length exemptions- things can be made for medical and religious reasons are already dealt with
  2. Jay: any idea you had in mind Krone?
  1. Krone: Medical reasons should be included
  1. Naomi- how does it incentivize people        
  1. Kat- be very thoughtful before they choose to run- open to people being AMs- its not punitive for people who quit, but to get people to think more criticially before they commit
  1. Sam: what does the NEC think?
  1. Allie- Vice Chair for elections of NEC- not comfortable bringing it to the NEC until she hears what we think- if we want it then we should get it
  1. Sam-
  2. David- NEC Chair- a resolution and will be put into the FPC- if you pass the resolution and the may or may not NEC doesn’t pass it- regulation of election policy is up to the NEC and they get the final say
  3. Allie- from their motives it is draining to run special elections- they can’t change the FPC during elections and haven’t had time because of the special elections
  4. Kassie- If the NEC has approval from UA- the NEC body would
  5. Allie- policing yourselves
  1. Calvary- are there usually this many resignations?
  1. Kat: usually 5 this year was 9
  1. Brian- would it be productive to say that people must give notice?
  1. Jay: would be a form of courtesy
  1. Simon- Wouldn’t it affect the transfer of their project- could they help someone get introduced to their projects? We don’t want people to stall their projects
  1. Jay: would help
  2. Michelle: members should let us know- that is not enforceable and they usually resign when they’re forced to- wouldn’t help
  3. Jay- if there was a smooth transition we may not have seen a need and we haven’t seen this and when people want to resign they want to cut off all ties
  1. Santosh- if someone decides to apply as an AM-
  1. Riad- doesn’t apply to AMs
  1. Krone- can someone elaborate on the education part about how this will go into the candidates meeting
  1. Allie- there will be a description of what is expected try to make it more digital and a checkbox to confirm that they’re committing to it- at the candidate meeting Kat and Darren will describe day to day responsibilities
  2. Kat- want the education to be better
  1. Taylor- I’m sure you have though through this- what are your thoughts on this and letting the students decided
  1. Jay- the issue is that the students don’t have a full idea of who they’re re-electing may not know they resigned
  2. Kat- infographic of attendance- last time
  3. Riad- Kat will pull up a fact from 1967
  1. Sam- anyone who will resign or be removed this session- will this apply?
  1. Kat- when NEC adds to FPC
  2. Allie- it would apply in the general election
  3. Kassey- FPC won’t apply to you
  4. Allie- FPC for candidacy and we didn’t sign on for this
  1. Pro/con Debate
  2. Dante- he sees no downside to this- won’t have a huge effect, but it won’t hurt
  3. Sam- in the middle- if someone is leaning toward resigning and can’t take a leave of absence- they’ll just stay in the meetings and not be productive- can we have them removed
  4. Kat- the intention to understand they need to do 5 hours a week- doesn’t want a formal process and it is a challenge to replace them- a lot of people turned down the position
  5. Gabby- skeptical as to how this addresses the problem- resigns and runs again
  6. Alaina- can’t see anyone resigning running again- may not hurt
  7. Calvary- agrees with Sam- the problem with the leave of absence clause- why not coming back would make anyone work harder- they would just be not effective- not focus on being committed-- there should be an announcement about the  option to be an associate member- should make things clear
  8. Kyle- want to acknowledge Cal’s point- addresses people’s commitment- hard on leadership
  9. Naomi- this misses the point of incentives and won’t help- the NEC can add these things to the FPC without this resolution
  10. Sam- ran as a junior and had 311 people who voted for him- it’s about the people who voted for him- you have a responsibility to your constituents- the amount of time may have only run as an AM and not fair to people who voted for someone to be able to come back on- to address what Naomi is saying- we can cultivate a better community and do this- not mutually exclusive
  11. Samara- want to second what people have said against the resolution- agree with Naomi- don’t know that they would- want to deter people from resigning who may not be a value
  12. Jay- mention that it is not tackling the problem- this does do is address one part of the problem- not one thing that will solve the mental health problem- Naomi is right there is a commitment issue, but need to address it- want students to recognize before
  13. Kanishka- not a lot of downside- it affects the people who want to be involved- Once you’re on the UA you know that you can do a lot of what you want to from the AM position
  14. Kat- from the position of the president- the worst quality of the UA is the resignations and it has hit a lot of leaders very hard- it would not be good leadership to not suggest ways moving forward- from 9 there have been all but 2 had been on the UA- 4 were seniors- trying to move forward to fix that problem- including restructuring the GBM
  15. Krone- for me the education aspect is important for people running in the future- there should be a winners meeting for people to know in April what they’re getting themselves into- multiple education pieces
  16. Jay- where shall I start? *sips water* I am going to be honest- every does not join the UA for the same purpose- not everyone joins for the same purpose and because of that the UA leadership is affected negatively- very tough dealing with these issues and most people use the UA as a stepping stone to get from point A to point B and I don’t see any downside to this- this will make the UA better- this is not a bylaw
  1. Allie- We will be leaving now and I will be talking to David now
  1. RESULT: This resolution passes by a vote of 14-9-2 because it needed a simple majority.
  1. GBM Structure Amendment
  1. Authored by: Nile Nwogu and Taylor Becker
  1. Basically trying to address some of the problems, but the problem is not commitment and efficiency. We are trying to to address this issue. Our proposal is that the committee directors would present the project updates and completion reports and would yield to the members if other people had questions. Members of the committee would present their discussion paper.. It elevates the standard for progress.
  2. Taylor- The idea is that if you are going to spend the time of the UA, then it should be for more serious discussions. I don’t want to point out specific projects but something like adding chairs to a patio does not need to be addressed at the GBM.
  3. Jay - How would it save time if the committee director is presenting the thing that would've been presented by the members?
  1. Taylor- A lot of times we bring up projects that is like putting a chair next to patios. Like we can be using that time to discuss something else.
  2. Nile- It would save a lot of time
  1. Jordan- I can see where you are coming from. Then people might only come up at the very beginning and not at the end of the meeting?
  1. Nile- I don't think that would be the case. I think that people would be more engaged and would want to come to the GBMs.
  1. Krone- Logistically- how married are you for the 3 minutes ?
  1. Taylor- That is what exec told us was standard time for documents
  2. Nile- If we want to extend time, then we can do that.
  1. Kanishka- I really like where this is coming from. This could push people have more questions about the projects
  1. Nile- We have not seen as many discussion documents and that is something that we want to change. I think that this will bring more discussion papers.
  1. Elena- I just want to clarify if I understood this right?
  1. Nile-If you are meeting up with an administrator, then that is something that may not have to be discussed.
  1. Sam S- Does this mean that you are neglecting their speaking time?
  1. Nile- I don't think that it is neglecting them. I actually think that this is doing the opposite
  1. Sam S- What would be their incentive to come to the meeting tonight?
  1. Nile- We would hope that people would come to the UA to represent their constituents and not get their air time.
  2. Taylor- Most people tonight don't have something on the agenda?
  1. Naomi- How empowered do you think that members feel?
  1. Nile and Taylor- I think people would come and their updates would be more substantive
  1. PRO/CON
  1. Justin- I like the intention. I think everyone would have a chance through speak. I think one idea would be to rotate who presents every week. This way everyone in the committee has a chance to present.
  2. Elena- I think that this already happens. Does this make it stricter? Like I feel like some of my updates get screened.  
  1. Taylor- I think that it makes it a very substantive process and ensures that these documents are in the agenda.
  1. Samara- I really like the intention but i don't know if this hurts
  1. This is not to create a problem. This is solving and issue by making the meetings more efficient.
  1. Naomi- I like the overall sentiment. But I am hesitant about the repercussions about this.
  1. I would strongly urge you to leave how we are operating now and see the new perspective. Many people are viewing this by taking into consideration how the UA is run now.
  1. Sam S- I would like to get out of earlier. I don't think this will be as effective as they want it to be. This is to Exec and Cabinet- you should be vetting all these discussions.
  1. Taylor- I think this is a right step in the right direction. This is going to be a good step. This is not committee updates- things like that should be saved for committee.
  2. Nile- I think it starts with how do we change things? I don't think future committees will be as diligent as us.
  1. Krone- I just fear of this as giving more power to Exec and Cabinet even more. Also Justin that was a great idea. I don't know if future would agree too.
  1. RESULT: This amendment fails by a vote of 14-8-1 because it failed to garner the support of ⅔ of members present.
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Quaker Career Closet (Student Life)
  1. Gabrielle- For a lot of people finding jobs, it's a burden to find things such as professional attire. They are planning to do a clothing drive for professional drive where students can pick up one outfit. I told them I would bring this to the body. Sharing this document. Also having the UA logo attached. We will also need helping them send the clothes.
  1. Kanishka- I think this is a great idea. I was curious as to how it is being implemented.
  1. Gabrielle-I think they are trying to run this event on a semester basis. In its current implementation, you keep the outfit.
  1. Krone- I think we should definitely help out. Have you considered reaching out to the FGLI  center? I think they would be into this kind of stuff?
  2. Kat- I think we should definitely help by supporting on social media.
  1. Gabrielle-They have made a flyer and Its a nice looking flyer
  1. Jay- So how much clothing do they have right now? Like is there enough supply to match the demand that they might get?
  1. Right now they don't have clothing but they are reaching out to a lot of people. They will see how this goes. If its successful, then they will up the reaching out efforts.  
  1. Sola- I think another thing that you might want to consider is the cleaning of clothes
  2. Riad- I was talking to the GAPSA president and he was talking about more collaboration so that would be good. So you might want to contact him.
  1. Sam S- If they don't get enough supply, do they plan on reaching out to professional stores?
  1. Gabrielle-It's a pilot so they said no. But if that were to occur they would look at that.
  1. Project Updates
  1. I AM PENN (Social Justice)
  1. Jordan-We are refocusing it the project idea that we brought up earlier with the video series.. We want to focus on the intersectional identities. So it's now  a I AM PENN. As compared to the last idea this one will be similar but it will be more positively directed.
  2. Natasha- There was some very positive feedback for this when we talked with the leaders of the 5B
  3. Jordan- This will be on social media. And we will send out the information to everyone.
  1. Calvary- You can ask them about what resources that they have so it would be good to include them at the end.
  1. Kat- we don't have a lot Natives but that would be good to reach out to them too. I don't think March 31st would still be the old UA.
  2. Naomi- What groups do you want to feature besides of 5 B?
  1. This is definitely open so that was just a starting point.
  1. Tumise- Just wanted to mention that Natives at penn is a constituent group of UMC
  1. Alternative Funding Resource Guide (Social Justice)
  1. Jordan- I was thinking about FGLI students and this really came up when I was looking for internships. I met with Rob Nelson who pointed me to a lot of great places but i will be reaching out to a lot of people. Also Career Services!
  1. Naomi- I love this
  2. Sam I- I wish I had this when I was younger.
  3. Krone- I think this is awesome. Is there a main way?
  1. This project could have a better name. But also it would be important to include housing.
  1. Riad- I think that I have seen something similar in career services. You might want to check that out
  2. Gabrielle- I can pass it to my residents and help you out with that
  3. Sam S- Wharton PPI pays for students who are working in DC
  4. Aimee- I think something else to consider is international opportunities. There are cool opportunities.
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Career Center Headshots (Student Life)
  1. Max- Kat and I met with career services in Weigle.
  1. Heating in Williams (Dining, Sustainability, & Facilities)
  1. Dante- The heating wasn't working and now it is.
  1. DPS Photoshoot Campaign (Student Life)
  1. Krone- I did a photoshoot and now we will go hang them
  1. SAIL Courses on PenninTouch (Student Life)
  1. Sam S- SAIL classes are active learning. We reached out and they will be adding it on there. Next semester. Professors have to notify though. .
  1. Charging Stations at Starbucks (Social Justice)
  1. Jordan- I just reached out to the retail manager so they said that this was something that they have been thinking about and are going to talk about it.
  1. External Seats
  2. Communications