HarmoniCraft Network | Official Rules

        This document will provide all the rules and requirements that must be followed in order to play and interact within our domain (website, server, Teamspeak, and any other platform relevant to the HarmoniCraft Network) without punishment. All of these rules follow common sense, so don’t panic!

  1. Treat everyone with respect, regardless of rank. This means we will tolerate no racism, sexism, hate speech, or verbal abuse between players. This rule includes discrimination based on other’s beliefs.

  1. Do not spam or advertise. We do not tolerate constant, repetitive messages that lack relevant content. This could include 1)logging on and off, 2)using certain commands repeatedly, 3)the overuse of letters, numbers, and/or various characters, and 4)overly promoting any commercial institute such as a Youtube channel, other Minecraft server, or website.

  1. Use mild language only in moderation. In order to respect our younger and more naive players, we have a general ban on rude or vulgar language. Many offensive phrases and words are blocked by our chat filter, but we do allow more mild language such as “damn” and “hell” to be used from time to time.

  1. Do not ask Admins or any staff members for items, ranks, or punishments. It’s unfair to ask for an advantage over other players without working for it. Any request asking for such an advantage will be denied. We also do not tolerate when a player asks to be punished themselves or when they ask for another player to be punished for no reason.

  1. Do not attempt to hack or abuse exploits within our domain. Using hacked clients is strictly forbidden. While they pose little threat to the server since we have systems in place to block hacking, all suspicious activity will be dealt with swiftly and seriously. This rule also encompasses any exploits that a player may encounter on the server. If you find something that gives an unfair advantage, report it! If you are caught using an exploit that you haven’t reported, it shows that you are dishonest and a cheater.

  1. No drama. Don’t create drama for no reason. This only hurts and confuses people.

  1. No offensive/inappropriate speech, constructions or skins. Inappropriate builds will be removed, and any conversation that is not fit for our youngest players should be avoided or at least moved to private chat or a party chat.

  1. No impersonating other players, particularly staff. The use of the /nick command should not be abused to mock or simply impersonate particular players. If you are concerned this may be happening, check a player’s real name with the command /realname <their nickname>.

  1. No inducing excessive lag.
  1. Do not allow huge numbers of entities to build up. For example; by idling at a non-kill mob grinder or breeding an absurd number of animals.
  2. No usage of large redstone clocks
  3. No using afk machines to use grinders or farms while idling or to obtain /ontime stats unfairly

  1. No snapping other player’s knees. Especially if they are bees.

Per-Server Rules

        This section covers any rules that only apply to certain servers so that the game mode can be fully enjoyed.





Specific mod rules

These are specific rules for mods, if a mod isn’t on this list then it’s use at your own risk.

The general rule of thumb is, if it gives a large in game  advantage it’s not allowed.

Allowed mods:

Specifically disallowed mods: