2014-07-01 Project Communications
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SUBJECT: July 1 - Solarize Plano Project Communications Update

Happy 4th of July! As look forward toward celebrating our country’s independence day, let’s also consider taking steps to become more energy independent at our homes!

Plano consumes over 4 Billion (with a capital B) kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. With today’s solar photovoltaic technology, about 40% of this demand could be met with less than one percent of the city’s 72 square miles of surface area.  Think residential and business rooftops!  Local CLEAN energy, that uses no water for generation, and is generated where it is consumed so no energy waste in transmission.

So tell everyone in Plano that you know that it is great time to learn more about local solar energy and to enroll in the Solarize Plano Project!.

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This project status email is being sent to 2014 Solarize Plano Project participants that have enrolled, interested volunteers, the selected solar installation company, and related city & utility staff contacts . This communications update includes:

1. Next Steps

2. Overall enrollment project statistics

3. Project Questions

1. Next Steps

Once enrolled, if you haven't already participated in one of the Information Sessions or watched the online videos - see Schedules and Presentations 

If you are ready for Decision Point 2 (DP2), please don’t delay completing the 2014 Decision Point 2 Form Questionnaire. The sooner we have your DP2 response, the sooner your site assessment can be scheduled and a proposal can be prepared for your consideration.  The available Oncor incentive funds are continuing to be used up, so the sooner you make a decision, the better your chances that Oncor incentive funding will still be available.

3. Overall enrollment project statistics (as of June 30)

Phase 1


(including Phase 2)

# of Plano enrollees



# of DP2 yes/maybe



# of site assessments completed



 # of proposals submitted to enrollees



# of contracts committed by enrollees

15 (83.3 kW)

16 (89.4 kW)

# of Phase 1 installations started (planned June 25)


# of Phase 1 installations completed (expected late August)


# of Phase 2 installations started (planned early Sept)


# of Phase 2 installations completed


4. Project Questions

If you have any questions, please reach out to us by email so that we can setup a call or meeting to address them.

Thanks again for your interest in the Solarize Plano Project and tapping the local solar energy that we have here in Plano!

Shine On!

Larry Howe (rlhowejr@gmail.com) , Bob Litwins (rlitwins@gmail.com), and all the volunteers with Plano Solar Advocates, a 100% grassroots volunteer group

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