These rules have been approved by the CATCH Tournament Committee and will be in effect from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.  It is up to each fisherman to become familiar with these rules and abide by them at all times during a CATCH event.  Unless mentioned hereafter, we will abide by TWRA and State of TN boating and fishing regulations.


PARTICIPANTS: CATCH tournaments are open to males and females.  Anyone under eighteen years of age must provide written permission from a parent or guardian. At least one person in the boat must be eighteen years of age.  An eligible boat may contain one or two fishermen.  CATCH officials retain the right to refuse entry to anyone.  Any partner/escort of a disabled fisherman is considered to be a tournament participant.  CATCH reserves the right to use your likeness for promotional purposes.

FEES: The daily entry fee is $60 per boat - this includes all Big Fish fees and $10 will go to CATCH Classic.   If no smallmouth are weighed-in, the boat with the second largest largemouth will be declared the “big smallmouth” winner.  Entry fees are non-refundable and due prior to blastoff.  There is a yearly $20 processing fee for each fisherman which is due at the time of registration for that fisherman’s first tournament.  

INSURANCE:  Liability coverage of no less than $100,000 is required.

FISH: There is a three bass limit per boat – only Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass will count.  All Spotted Bass will be considered Smallmouth Bass. All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner - trolling is prohibited.  Fish must be transported from the boat to the weigh-in area in a water-filled bag.  Weighed-in fish will become property of CATCH and will be released alive.  An exception may be made for a trophy fish if you so choose.  Bass will be measured with the mouth closed using a Golden Rule.  If your fish are weighed separately for “big fish”,  they will be placed altogether in a single bag and weighed one time for your official total weight.

•    Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass – 18” minimum length

•    Largemouth Bass  - 15” minimum length

SHORT/DEAD/ALTERED FISH: A short fish results in immediate disqualification.  There is no courtesy check. CATCH will have a Golden Rule available to you prior to you bringing your fish to the scales if you need it. One dead fish is allowed.  The dead fish results in a one-half pound penalty on the total weight. The penalty will apply to the “big fish” if it is the dead fish.  Altered fish will not be weighed.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Participants acting in a way to give themselves an unfair advantage over a fellow competitor will be disqualified.  Anyone causing dissension before, during or after any event could be disqualified for the entire season.  Competitors must maintain a 150 feet buffer zone from a fellow competitor – anchored or free-floating.  CATCH officials may board your boat at any time if there is reason to believe you are disregarding the rules set forth.

SAFETY: A US Coast Guard approved life jacket must be worn while the combustion engine is running and the boat is on plane.  No alcoholic beverages or mind-altering drugs will be allowed on board.  Running lights must be in working order at the start of the event.

PRE-REGISTRATION: You may pre-register only on the day before each tournament from 5:30pm-6:30pm.  Numbers will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.  This is important because we will blast-off in flights of 20 boats in all tournaments. If you cannot attend, only a non-participant may register you.  A non-participant may only register one boat per tournament.  Pre-registration will be at Fishtales in Cleveland unless announced otherwise.

CHECK-IN / REGISTRATION: Fees must be paid and waiver/registration form must be filled out completely and signed before the start of the event.  Registration ends thirty minutes prior to the start time. If you know you will not make it to the ramp by the designated launch time, you must call ahead to one of the tournament committee.  We reserve the right to perform random livewell checks before or during the event.  

DUAL ENTRIES: You may fish in another tournament in conjunction with a CATCH Tournament, but CATCH rules must be followed at all times or you will be disqualified.

LOCKING THROUGH: Locking through is not permitted during the regular season. You may lock through during the CATCH Classic.

TACKLE & EQUIPMENT: No live bait.  Artificial bait only – pork trailers are permitted.  Only one rod per angler at any given time may be used. Aerator must be in working order at start of the event.  If you have a mechanical failure during tournament hours, only a fellow participant may  bring you and your fish to the weigh-in at the designated time. If your boat is trailered during the tournament, you must have tournament committee permission to relaunch. The  tournament committee retains all rights and sayso regarding tackle and equipment.

WEIGH-IN: No grace period for the weigh-in deadline.  If you are late, you will be disqualified and receive last place points.  Boat may be trailered before weigh-in, but you must remain at the weigh-in site.  If you leave the weigh-in site for any reason or go home early, you will be considered a no-show and receive last place points.  Weigh-in cards must be signed in order for you to be eligible for awards.

PRIZES & AWARDS: Payout will be one place for every five boats.  No side wagering is allowed.  A tie for first place will be broken by a coin toss with the loser taking 2nd place.  All other ties will split that place and the next place prizes.  You must be present to receive your prizes or awards.  No prizes or awards will be awarded before our chaplain or his designee delivers a Biblically-based message.  All prizes do not come with a warranty, including the rods that we will give away.

RULINGS & DECISIONS: All rulings and decisions by the Tournament Committee are final.  Any protest must be in writing and made known within fifteen minutes of the final fish being weighed.  CATCH Ministry reserves the right to administer a polygraph test before any prize money is distributed.  If you do not pass a polygraph exam, you will have 30 days to find a private polygraph examiner and retake the exam.  That will be at your own expense.


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We have scheduled eight point tournaments for the 2020 season. A maximum of seven scores will count toward the Team of the Year total. At each tournament, first place will receive 100 points, second place will receive 99 points, etc.  If a participant misses a tournament they will receive the same points as their partner if that partner fishes alone, as long as that team has fished every tournament together.  The “missing partner” is responsible for the entry fee.  This can happen a maximum of two times during the season.  If a team has no fish to weigh in, they will receive last place points as if every team did weigh in qualifying fish.  (example: 20 boats entered and only 5 weigh in – points would be 100,99,98,97,96 and the remainder of the entries would receive 81).  If you cannot attend a tournament, you can pre-pay and receive last place points.  If you begin the season fishing alone and add a partner at a later date, then you lose the Team of the Year points that you accumulated while fishing alone.  Those tournaments do still count toward the Classic qualification minimum.  With all of the above being considered, you must fish seven tournaments solo or with the same partner to be eligible to win the Team of the Year Points Championship.  In case of a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place for Team of the Year, the order of finish in the Classic for the teams that are tied will be the tie-breaker. CATCH Classic is not included in this award.


2020 CATCH CLASSIC: Anyone that participates in five of the eight tournaments will be qualified for the CATCH Classic - your name MUST be on five weigh-in cards.  The entry fee for the Classic is $20 per boat. There is no buying-in to the CATCH Classic.  If a disabled fisherman qualifies for the year-end CATCH Classic and does not have a qualified partner/escort, then the fisherman and the five person CATCH Tournament Committee will decide on a suitable partner/escort and what that partner/escort will be allowed to do.  A non-qualified escort is allowed to participate in all fishing activities except active fishing.  The Classic blast-off order will be determined by the order of finish in the Team of the Year points championship.  Big Fish of the Year can be caught during the Classic.  Only CATCH Classic qualifiers are eligible to win Big Fish of the Year.  Although unlikely, it is possible that we could have no qualifying fish for a Big Fish award.  If that is the case, any Big Fish money not claimed with a qualifying fish will go to the Classic prize fund.

WILD CARD TOURNAMENTS:  The Guys and Dolls tournament or the Youth tournament can serve as a wild card for Classic qualification.  Only one of them can be counted in your total of 5 events needed for Classic qualification.  If you use one of them as a wild card the entry fee will be $60, not the standard fee of $35.  No points will be awarded for wild cards.



CATCH Ministry is incorporated and recognized as such by the state of Tennessee.  As required by law, anyone that receives more than $600 in awards (cash or check) for the calendar year 2020 will be sent an IRS Form 1099-MISC.  You will be liable to claim these awards as income.