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Bangalore Bicycle Championships

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why has the points system changed this year?

A1: The points system has been changed to reflect the merits of a placing taking into account field sizes (which is one metric for the quality of racing). Because we are now racing in several different categories, a race win in a field, of say, 3 riders, should not earn the same points as a win in a field of 50+ riders.

Q2: Can a rider in Under-18, Women’s or Masters Category directly jump to ride in Cat 1 for one race and move back to their respective Category in the next race?

A2: A rider from Women’s, Under-18 or Masters can ride in the Cat-1 (as long as they have qualified for the Cat-1) for one race and any points earned from that race go towards his/her Open standings only. These points will not go towards their Masters/Woman’s standings for that race.

The rider in question can choose to compete and be placed in the Open rankings if he/she chooses. If she is capable of a top-5 in an open field of 100 riders then it may be of benefit to her team's season's point standing to not race in a women's field of 5 riders, where she would be able to take the WIN, but not gain as many points towards her team's season points tally. There’s lots of strategizing potential with this new more meritorious points system.

Q3: It’s great that race registration is now on-line. When do registrations close for each race?

A3: Registrations will close at midnight on the Friday before the race. This allows the race committee to better prepare for races on the Saturday before the race. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at races. Logistics, course and riders safety, etc, can be better organised if racer numbers are known prior to race day.

Q4: Is there a season champion in Cat-2, Open division?

A4: No. Riders in Cat-2 compete for podium positions at each race, and the points earned are based on where they stand compared to ALL riders in the Open category (Cat-1 and Cat-2 combined). If a Cat-2 rider places 10th overall, and wins Cat-2, he earns 15 points and is promoted to Cat-1, carrying those points with him.

Q5: Do you refund race fee for a “no show” on race day, and is the race fee transferrable?

A5: No, race fee is not refundable for a no show.