Coach's Corner - Issue 31

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Selection/New Members

Well another season and another tough night at the table for our first selection meeting. I’d rather be taking Panadol’s going into the selection room that having the sides clear cut picked before walking in the room

In the preseason I thought we didn’t really need to chase players as we have built an amazing culture over two seasons that all clubs were noticing and soon wanted to be apart.

we had Troy leave the club in the weeks leading up to the season. This will happen from time to time when the opinion of the coach doesn’t agree with players. It was my opinion that Troy needed to earn a position in Div 1 from playing in our second team in the last two seasons with a self demotion. Everyone has their opinion and that’s mine.  We move on…

What an amazing last couple of weeks with the new talent coming to the Parkers.

Leanne Morganti - past member of the club who has good training habits, looks to be a consistent draw bowler, playing 3rd in Div 6 will be a challenge but I am sure she will be fine.

Carmel Seers - Carmel has fitted in really well to Eastern Park and is a very good consistent bowler.  No doubt will add to the strong Div 6 team.

Des Seers - “Juggler” has the strange habit of juggling his bowls before he delivers his bowl.  Has fitted in extremely well and deserves his spot in div 3.  We all wish him well for the year.

Ky - Haven’t seen much of Ky to be honest. But no doubt he will make his mark this week with a Parkers victory.

Allan A - Came from Belmont where he played Div 87 or something like that, after a couple of hit outs we knew we hit the jackpot with a great bowler and top bloke.  Thoroughly deserves his spot in Div 3.

Daryl Stevens - “Marbo” Happy go lucky sort of bloke who doesn’t care where he plays, looking forward to seeing more of him-  loves a beer or 10, just have to limit that come pennant. :)

G.Cowell - x member who also has seen the light and came to Garden Street to see what the fuss is about.  Welcome back and have a great season.

Andy Forster - prized recruit who has been coaching cricket  in the sticks for the past 3 seasons.  He played bowls because of a torn achilles - won two premierships in premier league and went back to cricket.  Consistent draw bowler and is always looking to improve, all round great guy to have at the club.

Shane Jones - Didn’t know too much about Shane until he turned up on our doorstep.  I have been ultra impressed with his performances and also his communication with members and myself, seems to have a selfless attitude that we love at Eastern Park.

Ryan Couzens - Ryan had recently made the switch from Bell Post Hill to Eastern Park, he’s a rare jewel (gun leader). He’s a quiet type of fella, very modest- see how he goes with fog horn Jacko in the same rink? Will be piling on the pressure for the div 1 players.

Christian “gotta” Hartwick - there has to be something in the name that he will be getting dream results from the hart “WICK”.  Has fitted in like the furniture, he and his partner will really enjoy our social functions.  Congrats on the mat in Division 3. Go well!

Nathan “Shoey” Schumacher - even has the red bowls for the nick name.  Another guy who come on down and has fitted in like Turks dog (loves the joint) always has an ear open to improve and just practising with him, doesn't matter how many pennant games he has played, the guy can play.  Welcome Shoey!!!!

That’s all our new members who are playing pennant this week.

Few selection thoughts, Congratulations to Mr Wilson who has no doubt put in the most practise of anyone in the club and is deserving of a spot in division 1.  Its up to you to keep it.  Jayden had a spot available in division 1 but wanted to better improve the club's situation by skipping in Div 3, well done mate- your time will come.  In Division 1 we have put Sahne Jones straight in, oozes class and in my opinion will fit in well.  Howie with Duke, Howie reads the head better than anyone in the club, it's a fact.

Our division three we have gone with steady rinks with a blend of youth and experience.  It will either burn or flood, but that's ok I'm willing to put it on the line and back our developing players to get the job done.

Division 6 team - it's a cracker! say no more, has class written all over it….

Division 9,10,11 - this is seriously not a division 9,10,11 team.  Look at the names and in any other club some players would be playing higher, but we have depth now…

Wishing everyone a stellar season, welcome to all the new members -  you won't be disappointed!  We have all worked hard for the club to be where it is now and we are by ne means finished yet…..

Coach Out

Nathan Bush