1. Saratoga, an Equitable Community
  2. SVCE update - City Hall has gone green: green energy for Saratoga
  3. America in Bloom Judges were visiting
  4. Saratoga Village Vision Plan update, where are we?
  5. San Jose Water Micro-Surfacing Work on Saratoga Roads
  6. Saratoga Creek Cleanup conducted
  7. Saratoga Trail to the Sea is moving forward
  8. Notary public now available at city hall


  1. Happy 4th of July Celebration
  2. Car Show is on July 16th
  3. Lego Robotics Team formation on June 4th
  4. Movie in the Park: June 16th
  5. College Application Essay Writing Workshop
  6. Saratoga Seniors Music and Dance night - A free event for Seniors


  1. Saratoga will  miss former Mayor Jerry Smith, former Senator.
  2. Using Grey Water in your home
  3. Saratoga Heritage Trees Video
  4. New Restaurant in town
  5. Float Realm: New business in Saratoga

Q&A with Councilmember Kumar


Councilmember Kumar’s public events and activities from May
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Yesterday, we had our 89th annual Saratoga Memorial Day Observance. A very solemn occasion, display of patriotism and convergence of our community to pay respect and recognize the sacrifices of so many, always held at Saratoga’s Madronia Cemetery, where so many veterans rest in peace.

The ceremony ended yesterday, and as I stood admiring the splendorous Madronia Cemetery, proudly wearing my Red, White and Blue in all its glory watching the crowd disperse, still awestruck by the solemness of the ceremony...someone walked up to me with a gentle smile and visible warmth. She shook my hands with both her hands, and without an introduction looked me in the eye and speaking from her heart, started thanking me for my service to the city and how happy she was to have me be part of the city's memorial day service. The genuineness and warmth was so apparent as she made me feel so welcome.

She shook my hands warmly with both her hands, and without an introduction looked me in the eye and speaking from her heart, started thanking me for my service to the city and how happy she was to have me join in today. The genuineness and warmth was so apparent as she made me feel so welcome, thanked me for representing our community,  she expressed simple appreciation that I was actually part of this community. As her words sunk in, she just reiterated all this again with her eyes and walked away. No words...all I could think of was, it is folks like her who make America Great...what it is today. It is folks like her with gentle, open, accepting hearts that embraced an immigrant like me who came in to a magical America, to be  part of a fabulous graduate school program, loved the American spirit, culture, the people so much to join the work force, to do my bit to keep America innovating, thriving...playing my bit part to keep it great, as the beacon of freedom and opportunity... and now doing my bit to give back  a path that I had not imagined in my wildest dreams.. Truly, what an amazing country!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve and to continue doing important and satisfying work in Saratoga's interest. Notwithstanding the challenges of this 'voluntary' role, and the imperfections of the system, I am perpetually excited about the possibilities to make it better. And through my service over the years, I hope to express my thanks to you and Saratoga in impactful ways.

Do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything that I can help with.

Best regards,

408 805 5993

Councilmember Kumar’s social media posting at the occasion of Memorial Day: The Saratoga Foothill Club will host the 89th annual Memorial Day Observance on Monday, May 29. The public is invited to participate in the event, which will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Memorial Arch at Blaney Plaza in Downtown Saratoga. There will then be a procession from the Memorial Arch to Madronia Cemetery, 14766 Oak Street, for the Memorial Day service at 10 a.m.

This weekend let us pause and remember the ones who serve, the ones who gave up their lives serving. This weekend is not so much a celebration but solemn remembrance for those who stood for freedom, for a way of life we all cherish and love, that we sometimes take for granted. Yes, let us enjoy the long weekend, but please remember and value...through these torchbearers of freedom, thanks to *their* devotion and deeds, the indomitable American spirit endures and is flying high. A time to swell our hearts with American pride, for all thing good about this amazing country and give thanks!


1 Saratoga, an Equitable Community

Our city approved a resolution reaffirming the City’s Commitment to a diverse, supportive, inclusive community and to protecting the constitutional rights of its residents. This was prepared by the Cities Association of Santa Clara County Equitable Communities Subcommittee. At the April 2017 Cities Association Board Meeting, the Board supported distribution of the resolution to cities in the County for consideration and adoption. The Equitable Communities Subcommittee was formed to consider actions or recommendations to Cities Association member cities to protect constituents regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, or disability and advance our commitment to safety and equity across communities.

2. SVCE update: City Hall has gone green!

Silicon Valley Clean Energy's (SVCE) first enrollment phase was completed in April. The Saratoga City Council chose to upgrade to SVCE's GreenPrime service, meaning all of the City’s electricity usage is now generated from 100% renewable and carbon-free sources. SVCE will begin serving the remaining Saratoga residents and businesses during the second enrollment phase in July. For more information on SVCE and a list of FAQs, visit

3 “America in Bloom” judges were visiting Saratoga

Former Mayor Jill Hunters spearheads this effort that has brought many awards to Saratoga

The judges have left, we await the awards...

Jill S. Hunter’s statement on the the "America in Bloom" judges visit. Here is Jill...

"They loved their accommodations at the Inn at Saratoga

They loved loved loved the flower filled Frank Lloyd Wright urns along Big Basin. They loved the hanging baskets.

They thought the historic wood slab in Blaney was fantastic and said we should write it up in their "Best Ideas" book. They took 1000 pictures of everything.

They thought we had magnificent trees and that the tree canopy of 40% was very impressive.

They loved the children's garden at Saratoga School saying it was the best they had seen at any school throughout the US.

They loved our newly painted utility box at the entrance to the Village and the sunflowers painted in the Water District Building at the top of Fourth.

They loved Hakone, Montalvo, the Mountain Winery, the Federated Church, the Foothill Club, Madronia Cementary. The Cooper-Garrod Winery made a big hit.

They loved the Historic Museum and the historic building at Saratoga Retirement Center. Their dinners at both places were delightful.

They appreciated meeting our Mayor and having lunch with the media.

They enjoyed meeting our City Council and touring City Hall. They spent three hours touring the parks with Howard Miller.

They loved meeting Saratogans at the Community Dinner and hearing their enthusiasm over their city.

They loved John Cherbone, our head of public works, and felt that meeting such a fine city staff was a great honor.

The tour at West Valley College went very well and they were impressed by our library.

They placed America in Bloom door hangers on some of Saratoga's homes commending them for their handsome landscapes.

They were surprised that there was only one small vacant shop in the Village and they loved that we put children's art in the windows.

They felt our landscaped medians were beautifully tended particularly compared to Cupertino's.

They thought the Gateway (Saratoga Sunnyvale entrance) flowers were magnificent but felt the U-Haul trucks behind the flowers were not attractive.

They were sorry they saw only 5 of our parks and wanted the judges in the future to see them all.

They felt our Village needed more historic designation and they were sorry they hadn't spent more time with our city planners. They were interested in the Village Visioning process going on and hope next year's judges will take a look at the results.

In short they thought Saratoga was incredible and urged us to join the international contest next year, Their written evaluation of our city will arrive in October.

They were very impressed by the report written by our committee and commended our committee for their hard work over the last 7 months getting ready for the visit.

The Saratoga in Bloom Committee consisted of (in no particular order) Paula Cappello, Sean Halasz, Charlotte Roman, Tina Liddie, Marilyn Marchetti, Laurel Perusa, Annette Stransky, John Cherbone and Howard Miller. I was chair.

I think everyone felt the visit was successfully completed!

4 Saratoga Village Policy Update

The Planning Commission is scheduled to hold a Study Session on Tuesday, June 13, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Saunders Room at the Saratoga Senior Center. The Planning Commission and the Heritage Preservation Commission will consider proposed revisions to the Saratoga Village Design Guidelines and potential opportunity sites, such as the Saratoga Village Shopping Center (formerly the Buy and Save). The Planning Commission’s recommendations for the Village and the Design Guidelines will be formally presented to the City Council in August. Additional information regarding the Saratoga Village Policy Update can be found online at

For more information, please contact Senior Project Manager Kirk Heinrichs at 408.868.1222 or

5 Micro-surfacing of streets

As part of an encroachment permit condition, Saratoga public works requires utility

companies to micro-surface streets where trenching/digging occurs. While trenching

usually occurs on one side of the road, the City requires that the entire width of the

road be micro-surfaced. This week, San Jose Water Company is completing microsurfacing on the following streets:

Mandarin Way from Russell Ln. to 13532 Mandarin Way

Lynde Ave. from Reid Ln. north to stop sign

Reid Ln. (west bound) from Saratoga Hills Rd. to Saratoga Sunnyvale Ave.

Foothill Ln. from Pierce Rd. to north end

Russell Ln. from Seaview Dr. to Mandarin Way

Russell Ct. from Russell Ln. to north end

Deer Park Ct. from Lynde Ave. to east end

Lynde Ave. from Lynde Ct. to north end

Lynde Ct. from Lynde Ave. to end

Reid Ln. (east bound) from Saratoga Hills Rd. to Saratoga Sunnyvale Ave.

6 Saratoga Creek Cleanup Conducted:

The City of Saratoga Public Works Department in conjunction with West Valley Clean Water Program conducted a creek cleanup event at Saratoga Creek adjacent to Prospect High School on Friday, May 19, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.. This location is one of the City’s litter “hotspots.” The event helps remove harmful, non-biodegradable items from the creek area to prevent them from flowing to the ocean, and it also satisfies a requirement of the Clean Water Program permit.

The Clean Water Program partnered with Prospect High School staff to recruit high school volunteers to help with the cleanup effort. The amount of trash was collected and tallied and included as part of National Rivers Clean Up Day.

7 Saratoga Trail to the Sea project is moving forward

The Saratoga Trail to the Sea project is a reality - from Quarry Park to the Pacific ocean, I look forward to a hike with you someday. Yesterday, our city council adopted a Resolution of Necessity making the appropriate findings to initiate acquisition of a public trail easement over San Jose Water Company Property (APN 503-73-003) to connect public trail networks in Quarry Park and Sanborn County Park (“Project”).

8 Notary Public at City Hall

Debbie Bretschneider, Executive Assistant/Deputy City Clerk Saratoga is now a Notary Public. While this service will be used mostly for City Hall purposes, the public can ask for notary services as well. The cost to the public is $15 per each notarized signature. Please make an appointment with Debbie if you have a document that needs notary services.


1 Happy 4th of July Celebration

4th of July Celebration is set for 9:30 at Kevin Moran Park

Join this Patriotic Celebration- Flags!  Ice Cream! Speeches!

and so much more  

2 Car Show is on July 16th

The Annual Saratoga Classic Car show is on Sunday July 16th

Mark your calendar please

3 Lego Robotics Team formation on June 4th

Our annual Saratoga Lego Robotics Club team formation day is set for JUne 4th

Open for kids between 9 and 14

Read the FAQ here

WHERE:Joan Pisani Community Center 19655 Allendale Avenue, Saratoga CA

WHEN: 2pm to 3pm, June 4th 2017

    This is a free event, instructor Sajiv Shah and Hitesh Shah

For all the new coaches that sign-up to coach on the Team Formation Day, we will conduct a 4 week bootcamp for coaches starting June 12th

        RSVP for Bootcamp is here

4 Movie in the Park: June 16th

Movie night is always on the 3rd Friday every summer i.e June, July and August.

The Saratoga Parks & Recreation Commission will host the first event of the Movie Nights series at sunset on Friday, June 16. The feature presentation will be Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. On the same evening, Intero Realty will hold their “Saratoga Eats” food truck event in their parking lot beginning at 5:00 p.m. Save the date and join the Parks & Recreation commission for this amazing family Event!

5College Application Essay Writing Workshop

Does your rising senior need some inspiration to get started on College Application essays?  This two- part college essay writing workshop sponsored by SHS PTSO and taught by Los Gatos High School AP English teacher, Paris DeSoto will do just the trick!  The teacher, Ms. DeSoto has been an essay reader for Yale University and is an entertaining and knowledgeable college essay writing instructor.  

To sign up, choose a morning (10:00am-12:00pm) or afternoon (1:00pm-3:00pm) session for the Essay Writing Workshop June 19th and a follow-up session on June 23rd. You must sign-up separately for the follow-up essay editing workshop. Your child is not required to attend the second session but it is highly recommended. Also June 19th (first session) class is a prerequisite for enrolling in the June 23rd Editing class. To enroll in this workshop, your child must be a Saratoga High School student.  

The first essay writing workshop focuses on elements of a good essay, what schools are looking for, and choosing a topic.

The follow-up workshop focuses on refining topics and discussing the essays.

Please register using the Eventbrite links below.

June 19th Morning Essay Writing Workshop-

June 23rd Morning Essay Editing Workshop-

June 19th Afternoon Essay Writing Workshop-

June 23rd Afternoon Essay Editing Workshop-

6 Saratoga Seniors Music and Dance night - A free event for Seniors

We invite all the Saratoga Seniors for an evening of music and dance

WHEN: August 4th 2017 6pm to 10pm

WHERE: Saratoga community Center

DINNER: Gourmet dinner from Mynt Indian restaurant

RSVP is required by all seniors

Live band with the “Bollywood Geetanjali band” of Rama and Minnie Shukla on August 4th at the Saratoga Community Center

Lots of dancing, food, music, and the best part, we would love to see every Senior participate and have a fantastic time!

THEME “BE THE STAR” Seniors get to dress like their favorite movie stars. We will bring the mic to Seniors on their table and they get to act or say a dialogue or sing a couple lines from a song. Ideally, love to have everyone perform.


1 Saratoga will  miss former Mayor Jerry Smith, former Senator.

Jerry was a phenomenal leader, attorney, legislator, artist and a wonderful human being

Smith was a member of the Saratoga City Council from 1968 to 1974, serving as mayor from 1972 to 1974. In 1974, and again in 1978, he was elected to represent the 12th Senate district in the California Legislature.

Among the most noticeable laws he worked on were the California Coastal Act that preserves the California coastline, the Victims of Crime Act that provides assistance to victims of violent crime, and the California Conservation Corps Act that provides training and work opportunities for young people, with an emphasis on conserving and enhancing natural resources.

In 1979, Smith resigned from the Senate and was appointed associate justice to the 1st District Court of Appeals in San Francisco. He served on the bench until his retirement in 1996.

You can read about Jerry here

2 Using Grey Water in your home

On Thursday, May 25 a Grey Water FREE workshop was conducted at The City of Cupertino - Community Hall. Did you know you can use water from your clothes washer to irrigate your plants? Learn how to design, install, operate and maintain a laundry to landscape graywater system. This is a do-it-yourself system, no building permit required. You'll leave the workshop with knowledge to install and operate your own laundry-to-landscape graywater system.

For details on other scheduled workshops and locations, visit: 

3 Saratoga Heritage Trees Video

Check out this very interesting video

4 New Restaurant in town

Please welcome Middle Eastern family run restaurant Saratoga Corner Cafe.  It is in the same location as Viyanna's and Chicken Salsa (Prospect & De Anza Blvd)

5 Float Realm: New business in Saratoga

Float Realm is a new flotation spa therapy center located in Saratoga at 20603 Third St, between Big Basin Way and Oak St. This is a place for true rest and relaxation through a non-invasive, individual floating experience.

You will float in a flotation therapy tank with warm Epsom Salts, a therapy invented by John Lilly in about 1964. Otherwise known as REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), it is a holistic way to heal the mind, body and some would even say, spirit.

The buoyancy created by the salt-to-water ratio creates an “anti-gravity” environment

allowing you to float effortlessly. You do not need to "try" to float; you will float simply because of the high concentration of 1000 lbs of Epsom salt dissolved into the water. And because of the salt, it will naturally detoxify your body.

The water is heated at approximately 94 degrees, and the pods go through constant and rigorous filtration. It is filtered 24/7 when not in use and 3x between each user. The water also runs through an ozone system that has been third-party validated to kill up to 99.99% of microorganisms typically found in spas.

Ozone sanitizes the water quickly and effectively without the undesirable by-products created by traditional chlorine and bromine chemicals.

Your spa room comes equipped with a private shower, towels, and bath toiletries. The room is yours entirely for the session and you will have utmost privacy.

There is a Grand Opening promotional price of $69 for a one hour float session and $104 for a 1.5 hour float session. The time starts once you are inside of the pod.

Feel free to come check out Float Realm. If clients are not in session, owners Nancy or David will be happy to give you a tour. Contact us at or 408.898.3954.


Visit for the complete list

So what is the latest water situation?

ANSWER: There are new upcoming rate increases proposed by San Jose Water Company. The sample protest letter to send to CPUC is at

Here is a video update from the last city council meeting, a quick summary of the two wins for us i.e removal of surcharge and rejection of letter 501 rate increase of 3.65%

There are more rate increases planned by SJWC, and we are going to protest (almost) each and every one. I request your kind support to push back SJWC efforts to continue increasing our water rates.  Without your protest, the rate increase request of Letter 501 would have been approved by CPUC staff. CPUC decided to take a closer look at this rate increase due to YOUR protest letters

Yes, the protests are working - so please take 2 minutes to send your email.

To protest visit 

****Question: What is the crime situation this year?

ANSWER: Crime is a lot less this year compared to last year

You can see the crime spreadsheet at

We highly recommend you read the top 25 safety tips at

Also, considering joining the Safe Saratoga’s Citizen Committee at and

Question: When is the Quito bridge project likely to start?

ANSWER: Quito bridge project will start next year sometime in Spring, and will be done in ~8 months. Quito Road will be paved from Sobey Rd to Vessing Rd. as part of the bridge replacements.

Question: Is Saratoga planning to pave roads this summer?

ANSWER: Due to the Prospect road median project, our Public Works team will spend time with this project and will look at paving projects after they are done, likely Spring 2018

Question: I hear a lot of overhead airplane noise? Can you please help?

ANSWER: A local Select Committee was formed to discuss and address the challenges. This Committee came up with specific recommendations that was presented to Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).  FAA has committed to a response to the recommendations submitted by the Select Committee and the SFO Roundtable and that the response will be sent to Congresswoman Eshoo by Summer 2017. Stay tuned. See links below

A document “Initiative to address noise concerns of Santa Cruz/ Santa Clara/ San Mateo/ San Francisco” has been developed as a result of meetings with elected officials and community leaders. Congresswoman Eshoo is also introducing legislation that would require FAA to plan with communities before implementing changes and also to restore the EPA’s Office of Noise abatement and Control - that was defunded more than 3 decades ago.

Question: Is there a free wood chipping program run by the county?

ANSWER: The Santa Clara County FireSafe Council (SCCFSC) is offering free chipping of debris piles that are the result of clearing defensible space on your property. This service is available for residents that live in High or Very High designated Fire Hazard Wildland Urban Interface areas. In general, this includes wooded hillside areas in South County. The debris piles must be from clearing defensible space within 100’ for your home or an access road. There are a number of requirements related to this service. For information on eligibility and program requirements, please go to their website at: Also, South County residents should check the community chipping schedule to see when their neighborhood is scheduled for chipping. That schedule and a link to maps of fire hazard areas can be found on their website:

Question: What is the latest on the Fredericksburg Drive Railroad Crossing?  

ANSWER: Fredericksburg Drive to Guava Court Railroad Crossing (Blue Hills School Crossing) Update – by Iveta Harvancik

Public Works staff continues to work with both approving agencies, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), and is making steady progress. The conceptual engineering crossing design was prepared and reviewed by the CPUC and UPRR in February and March. A formal application for the crossing opening was submitted to the CPUC in April. In the meantime, the City is working on waiving the current UPRR rule to close three existing crossings in order to open one new crossing. A diagnostic meeting to evaluate all existing crossings within the City limits was held with representatives of both agencies, and a list of deficiencies at the existing crossings was compiled. If the City commits to improve some crossings, the UPRR will consider waiving the 3:1 requirement. The next step is to have all parties agree on the level of improvements at the existing crossings.

Question: What is the latest on the Prospect Median Project?

We are giving Saratoga's Prospect Avenue a huge facelift with the Prospect median project. Make it safer for cars making turns, for pedestrians, beautify it, plant drought tolerant vegetation in the median. Project will start in the next few weeks and will take 10 to 12 months. Details at

Question: There is traffic congestion at Scully Avenue and Kevin Moran Park during soccer games. Can you please look into it?

In response to a few complaints regarding over-use of the sports fields, traffic problems, parking issues, and off-leash dogs, staff sent emails to the registered sports user groups requesting they notify their membership about the traffic concerns and remind them of the need for compliance with ordinances and park rules.

Staff investigated a report of professional soccer groups using the park for practices. It was determined that the identified group, ProUSA Soccer, is a direct affiliate of the American Youth Soccer Organization and was legally using the field. Staff also performed two separate site visits, but did not observe any violations.

Question: Where can I find some Saratoga relevant landscaping information page?

A new page has been added to the City’s website with information about the trees and plants the City selects for its landscaping throughout Saratoga. This new resource will also be shared with the America in Bloom judges, and a printed flyer will be made available. Thank you to Kevin Meek for being a valuable resource during the creation of this page! The page can be viewed at

Question: I am traveling this summer? What are some precautions should consider taking to ensure that I don’t experience a break-in

ANSWER: Please read safety tips below if you are planning to go on a vacation. Tips such as setting up vacation patrol when you are gone...Most important - let your immediate neighbors know that you are gone, and for how long. Leave your contact info with them

If you don’t have the contact info for your immediate neighbors, then let your zone Block Captain know (if you have a Neighborhood Watch program established in your neighborhood). Your block captain already has communication setup with your zone neighbors and will let them know

To find your block captains, contact your Neighborhood Safety Captain. If you don’t have the contact of your Neighborhood Safety Captain, contact me; I may be able to help point you.

For a complete list of safety tips visit

Below are safety tips if you are planning to be out traveling these holidays

◙ You should always let your immediate neighbors and your zone block captain know about your vacation plans. Let them know about packages you are expecting, newspaper etc etc. Also, provide one of your neighbors a spare key in case there is a need to get inside your home in your absence, combination lock codes (if any), alarm code etc. Also, a good idea to have your garbage bins brought back in and NOT leave them standing outside when you are out.

◙ Request vacation patrol from the Sheriff's office by calling the non-emergency number. Go on-line to fill out a Patrol Check Request or call the West Valley Station at 408-868-6600 Here is the link

◙ Before you leave for you vacation, stop the mail (done online via the USPS site), stop newspaper (if any), have a neighbor pick up flyers and newspapers that get thrown on the driveway or left at the door.

◙ Before you leave, you should considering having a "talking camera” (example Nest,, Arlo) at your front door connected to smart phones of family/friends for monitoring. Lock your fence gates. Lock your electrical panel

◙ An empty house is a tempting target for a burglar so make sure you do your best to have your home look occupied while you are away. Example Timer lights inside the home, parked car on the driveway etc.

◙ Do not post vacation pictures when you are out of town. Social media is being scored to identify people on vacation and break into their homes. Never broadcast your travel plans on a community email group, blog, Facebook, or other social networking site and remember if you check-in on Facebook, everyone knows you aren't home! Read this

◙ If you are parking a car at a long term parking lot, do NOT leave your registration, insurance car etc in your car- that will provide your address. In fact, use a marker and cross out your name, address from the registration/insurance copy. Do not have your home address on your GPS listed under HOME - If they break into your car, they now know where you live

◙ Always have one car parked in the driveway. Request a neighbor if they could move it a few yards every couple of days.

◙ Do not leave your garage door opener in your car. Even better, turn the power off for your garage door to prevent opening.

◙ Store all your computers, laptops, and storage media, which contain private & sensitive info outside the house. Backup your data before you go on a vacation - Amazon cloud is $70/year unlimited storage

◙ Expensive jewelery need to be safely stowed away - at a storage or somewhere hard to access.

◙ Protect your Tax Return forms which contain SSN, Date of Birth etc.

◙ Scan your passports and important documents, email them to yourself in a password protected document in case they are lost during your travel.

—— OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS----------------

◙ Have a TV or music blaring inside the home - give your home a "lived in” look.

◙ Engrave your valuables with your phone number and place Operation Identification stickers on your entry door and front window.

◙ Never leave a house key hidden outside of your home. If it is hidden in a pot, under the mat, beneath a rock or in a fake rock someone else may find it and enter your home while you are away. §

◙ Arrange for someone to mow your lawn and maintain the yard while you are away. This keeps your home looking lived in. §

◙ Place your inside lights and a radio on timers so that they go on and off, periodically in the evening hours. §

◙ Leave your blinds and drapes in their normal position on second floor windows (closed on ground level so no one can look inside and view an empty home).

◙ Remember, when you return home if it looks like someone has entered your home—Don’t go inside! Instead use a cell phone, go to a neighbor’s house or other safe location to contact the police. Let the police check the home before you go inside.


Memorial Day 2017 was a day to remember and honor the men and women who gave their lives serving their country, to thank them and also Saratoga and Bay Area’s veterans members of the armed forces who serve. The Saratoga Foothill Club hosted  the 89th annual Memorial Day Observance on Monday, May 9:30 a.m. at the Memorial Arch at Blaney Plaza followed by a procession  to Madronia Cemetery for the Memorial Day service at 10 a.m.

Below are a few glimpses

Saratoga Historical Foundation honored Ron and Linda Hagelin, Nancy Anderson and Jill S. Hunter, folks who have contributed tremendously to our community at a dinner at the Saratoga Foothill Club. Loved hearing the stories of their life read by Annette Stransky and Alexandra Walls Nugent

At a political event with Congressman Ro Khanna and Assemblymember Ash Kalra

Neighborhood meeting: Gardiner Park (Harleigh Drive neighborhood)

Block party at Argonaut (Miljevich neighborhood)

Neighborhood meeting: Blossom View neighborhood

Neighborhood meeting: Thelma Drive

Arbor Day in Saratoga Our City Council and Madronia Cemetery Board members planted an Autumn Purple White Ash (Fraxinus Americana) at Madronia Cemetery & Arboretum in celebration of Arbor Day. PC: (The first pic is by Saratoga's PIO)

At a political event: Councilmember Kumar’s team of interns

At a political event: Santa Clara county activitists

At a political event: In this picture with former Assemblymember Sally Lieber

In anticipation of the America in Bloom Judges, the Village is all decked up

Meeting the America in Bloom Judges at the Saratoga Historical Museum

Meeting former Mayor Aileen Kao

Being interviewed at TiEcon 2017

Meeting Bollywood Singer Nitin Mukesh

Join me Saturdays between 10AM to Noon at Starbucks on Cox (next to Genes) to chat about Saratoga's issues and challenges; about water, about safety, about roads or anything else top on your mind.

Visit for the latest schedule