MOC General Meeting Minutes

April 2nd, 2014


Trip Reports


Nate, Sarah, Clio and Evalyn went to the house this weekend! After much uphill and some minor trepidation, they emerged onto Mont Olympia, a ski resort. After a ski down, they almost got a free ride up the T-bar but the manager destroyed that show!


Skyler went to Florida and sailed around on his family’s Hobie Cat! He slept on the boat and learned that cooking on boats is hard.


AJ went snowshoe camping in the Adirondacks! There was lots of wetness and snow. Camped in a lean-to!


Amandine and co. went backcountry skiing in the ‘Dacks for the last exec-run downhill trip of the season! They skied Angels Slides, and some went to Avalanche Pass. Rain and snow!!!!


Yony went to the house 2 weekends ago to lead nerdy physics grad students on outdoor adventures! Only one person had to go to the hospital after having a concussion and throwing up! Huzzah.


Ed went on a ski adventure onto ice of dubious stability and survived!


Caro went rock climbing at Zero Gravite. Very clean!



Trip Announcements


Tara is concocting master plans for a rafting trip in early May and is looking for collaboration! Let her know if you want to join! She will also be going to Alaska for May-June and is looking for people who might be in the area around then too.


Ice climbing is hopefully happening this weekend! Ed wants to go and is looking for 2-3 other people. Talk to him!


Leith is looking to bike around Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail May 1st-9th. Needs a car that can take bikes and would also like friends to come with!


Next Wednesday Bimo is going a bike touring conference!


Sarah – Thursday night at 10pm is going to the house with Lara! She is looking for someone to make her feel good about her skiing abilities.


Come running with Nate Solnit in the park! He will be going at quarter of 7….. whatever that means…. :p


Elodie is looking for people to be on a house committee! Talk to her! She is especially looking for people to help out over the summer.



This weekend – April 5th to 6th – is MOC’s Grad Student weekend! Come meet fellow grad students, grade papers (maybe?) and explore the Laurentians. There will be 10 cans of maple syrup to be had. $30 for the weekend!



Party!!!! May 17th -18th at the house to celebrate the now-lack of a mortgage to pay off on the MOC house. Yeah baby! Mark your calendars!