Monitoring Student Progress

The following directions provide guidance and strategies for monitoring online student progress in the Student Information System (SIS) called Genius. The information being provided here is from the view of the Parent or Guardian.

To get started Parents and Guardians would login into Genius at: using the Login and Password information that was sent to your email upon your Account creation.  If you are not able to locate this information or uncertain if you have a Guardian Account please contact Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS) at 715-453-1953 or   We will assist you in accessing this information if you are the parent of a home-schooled student or working with your local school district to get this information added to the student file.

Below you will see a screenshot of what you should first see when logged into Genius and this screencast, along with the photos and comments below, will highlight the tools at your fingertips to monitor progress and provide information to promote a successful learning experience:


If you have more than one student enrolled you will see tabs across the top of the screen to select which student you want to view this information for.


This will provide you with an ongoing list of courses that have been requested for the student in the future, if any.   Course requests are typically submitted by the local school district and not the parent, unless this is a homeschool student or other arrangements have been made between the district and parent.  Homeschool parents can find directions for enrollment (course requests) on the parent page of our website on the right hand side under resources at:

This will allow you to upload any parental permission slips, Individual Education Plans (IEP) or any other pertinent information that you believe the online instructor should have access to to best support your student in a successful online learning experience.

COURSE INFORMATION:  This will provide you an overview of the title, description, length, credits, and also provide the contact information for the teacher. Note on course information, pacing, and gradebook there will be tabs across the top to show this information for each course the student is enrolled in.


A quick snapshot of the following information for each course: start and end dates, current grade on items completed, number of assignments completed out of total number of assignments, whether the student is on pace, and the date of their last activity in the course(s).  Items in green typically indicate everything is on pace, yellow indicates caution, and red indicates that some intervention or support may be needed as the student is academically not where they should be.


This will show the number of items the student needs to complete each week as original assignments.  If the student gets behind pace it will show those assignments that should have been completed in the extra assignments column.  The original assignments and extra assignments will be added together for a total assignments for the current week to facilitate the student getting back on pace.  Again, there will be tabs to show pacing for each course the student is enrolled in.

GRADEBOOK: The grade book is the most accurate view of progress and what has been graded. If the student has more than one class you will see multiple tabs with course names and can toggle between them for views in each gradebook.  There is a scroll bar to the right that will allow you to see all the assignments.   If there is not a completion date for an item with a due date that has past, check the grade column.  If there is no grade the student has not completed this item and is behind pace; the student can still submit this item anytime between their start and end date for a score.   If there is a grade but no completion date it could be that the student did not submit the assignment through the system or submitted by email or some other way.  In the example outlined in red below this is the case; the student responded to an email and this assignment has been completed.  Note:  this information is updated each night for that day’s activity.  So if your student indicates they submitted something today it will not show up until tomorrow after the late night sync.  


This feature allows you to search by last activity in the past day, week, or month. Or you can get a report of activity (day logged in and number of minutes) between certain dates. This may be a great tool for demonstrating engagement and attendance.


This is a tool that can be utilized at the local school district level to ensure completion of courses connected to graduation requirements.  Most local districts utilize internal systems they have for all coursework a student is enrolled in, so typically this tool will not be utilized.


Drop requests should be submitted by the local school district.  If you are a homeschool parent you can utilize this link to request a course drop.  For questions on our drop policy please visit the drop policy document link on the right navigation link here:


As students complete courses you will see a list of that coursework appear here.  Please note that WVS does NOT award credit or letter grade and will issue a Final Grade Report of % earned and completed when the student finishes the course or their time is up.   All parents who enroll students should work with their local school district to ensure that the district will award grade and credit for an official transcript.

STUDENT INFORMATION:  You should click on this and double check if the contact information for the student and yourself are accurate here.  If there are any changes that need to be made in this area please report them to the WVS office at 715-453-1953 or

EDIT ACCOUNT:  This will allow you to update your contact information which is handy for email and phone number changes.  You can also change your password from what the system auto-generated when your account was created.


Currently, you will not find information on the school calendar as we are not utilizing this feature.


Here you can read at your leisure additional information about Genius (our student information system) or utilize a link to Google as a search engine.

THANK YOU for all you do to support your student in their online learning experience.  If you have any questions please reach out to the WVS office at 715-453-1953,, or check out the information on our parent page of the WVS website at: