Iowa ASCD Summer Institute

June 23, 2015

Matt Townsley, Director of Instruction and Technology, Solon Community Schools | @mctownsley


Session: “Secondary Standards-Based Grading: Tipping the Scale from Some to All”

Standards-based grading is taking hold across Iowa's secondary schools.  In some districts, a few teachers or entire department are beginning to shift grading practices.  This session will explore the benefits and challenges of moving from a few teachers implementing SBG to an entire system.  Experience from a district utilizing standards-based grading will be context of this discussion.

Room 309-310         Time: 8:15am - 9:30am

Slides are available here.

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Session: “Hold on...standards-based grading and competency-based education are not interchangeable?”

This session will explore a Venn diagram relationship between standards-based grading and competency-based education through the lens of the Iowa Department of Education's Competency-Based Pathways and standards-based grading literature.  Experience from a district utilizing standards-based grading will be the context of this conversation.  

Room 306         Time: 9:45am - 11:00am

Slides are available here.


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