In our fast paced lives it is sometimes hard to take the time to smell the flowers. We have become so engrossed with our to-do lists that nature and the beauty that surrounds us everyday has become an invisible hum that we ignore.  This separation from nature makes it difficult to see the direct impact that our lives have on the health of our earth.  At Fidelia Hall we believe that in order for people to want to protect the environment they need to get to know it. Creating individual personal ownership and a love for nature is the only way to initiate positive environmental change.  

Although there are endless majestic experiences available in the great wilderness of the world, those kind of trips or adventures are not accessible to everyone. The time and money needed to explore our nature parks or trails is not possible for every family, but that should not stop us.  We believe that a love for nature and its bounty can be found in our own backyards or even the cracks in the sidewalks.  

Through the Fidelia Hall Nature Initiative our goal is to identify and share the species of plants and animals that are a part of the natural habitat of the Fidelia Hall Grounds.  It is difficult to put into words the power and sense of accomplishment that comes from spotting a butterfly and knowing its name, or picking a weed sharing its species and practical uses. Life becomes a constant scavenger hunt that is fun for all ages.

We hope that through our initiative we spark an interest in nature in our community. To love and care about nature and the environment you have to get to know it. Our message is that you don’t need to go far or spend money to jumpstart that friendship.