New Student Stand-by/Guarantee Seat Request



Student ID #:             ______________________________________________


Student Name:           ______________________________________________


Student Email:            ______________________________________________


Flight Information:


What Airline are you arriving on:    __________________________________________


What Flight number are you arriving on:    ____________________________________


What is the date of your arrival: ____________________________________________

What is your EXACT arrival time at Lambert St. Louis Airport:   ___________ AM or PM


What is the last city you depart from before arriving at Lambert St. Louis Airport:    _____________________


Luggage Information:  


How many suitcases will you have?  ____________________________


What is the weight of your suitcase?  _____________   Dimensions:  ______________


How many carry-ons will you have?  _____________________________










Payment Details (please select either option 1 or option 2, not both):  


Option 1: ____  I would like a stand- by seat


By requesting a stand-by seat I understand that seating may not be available and is limited to a first come first serve basis.  I will not owe any money until I am actually picked up.  At that time I will pay to the driver $65 plus any excess luggage fees that I owe.  




Option 2: ____ I would like a guaranteed seat reservation


If you want a guaranteed seat, the price is $120 (or $220 for special pick up) plus any excess luggage fees and/or special pick-up fees and must be prepaid with a credit card.  


Credit Card Type:  MasterCard     Visa    American Express   Discover


Credit Card # :  ________________________________  Expiration Date:  __________


Security Code:  ___________  


Address:  ____________________________________________________________________


By booking a full price reservation, you agree to the terms as listed on our website,


X___________________________________________________    _______________

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 **This form must be returned to USA Express, Inc. via email to

 For guaranteed seat reservations, we suggest booking a week or more in advance for availability and no less than 48 hours in advance.  

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Date received: ________________


Date confirmed:  ______________


Amount Owed:  ______________________    Date Paid:  __________________