Group Inquiry Experiment

Scientists: mikaela,sofina,danika,jim,Michael

Question:how do plants make oxygen

Hypothesis:we think it will breath oxygen because we did a little research on it

f Materials:two plants,magnifying glass hot and cold water two jars

Experiment:we are testing if a plant can breath oxygen

1.get two plants,fill half a cup of cold water and one hot,

2.put the plant in the bowl fill of water and put the jar over top of it

3.repeat with a different plant then watch it with a magnifying glass

4.if it is bubbling that means it is breathing oxygen

5.keep it for elleven weeks



Results:we saw sweating but none bubbles were there throw our magnifying glass

Conclusion: we think it will breath oxygen because we did a reaserch for it.our qeistion is do plants breath oxygen. I think it is not working because it is swetting

our journal


In our experiment we had a bit of trouble doing some things and it was getting our jar over top of the plant and will we have to keep on watering it?but the cold we think that we will keep on having to water the hot bowl even if we just do it in the morning we still have to because it is really cold the time of the year