The Leisured Heart

(from Victorious Living by E. Stanley Jones)

Yesterday we said that many are absorbed with themselves and their own problems.  They haven’t the leisured heart.  But some have.  Jesus had.  He was never in a hurry, never ran, was never fussed and worried, was always busy-- so much so that often there was no time even to eat.  But He always had time for that next person and that next need.  And at the end of the day He was fresh and adequate.  Why?  He was not worn out by inner conflicts.  He was inwardly adjusted to the will of God.  That adjustment meant adequacy.

Many of His followers have found the same secret.  Many such instances leap to mind.  I lived in a home while attending college in which the mother, surrounded by a dozen young people, most of them growing boys of her own, and with a multiplicity of interests outside the home, was never seen ruffled, never angry, and always leisured.  She always had time for your problems.  She was inwardly adjusted to the will of God.  That will operated as peace, power, poise, and adequacy.

When David Livingstone came back from Africa, after spending years there for his beloved Africans, someone asked him about his soul.  “My soul, my soul, I almost forgot I had a soul,” replied Livingstone.  He was so interested and absorbed in other people’s souls that he had almost forgotten about his own soul.  Healthy condition.  Much more healthy than a great deal of modern spiritual advice which sets one to too much introspection, too much adsorption with oneself.  It tends to morbidity.  It is true that we must perhaps periodically look at ourselves with one long, searching self-examination which will result in a complete surrender, a complete adjustment-- and then a dismissing of ourselves from the focus on attention, and get on with the work.  That will bring us the leisured heart.

O Christ of the adjusted will, give us that inner adjustment, that we too may move quietly through our tasks with our heads high, our hearts adequate, and our hands full.  Amen.