Self- Reflection

Consider the type of work you do with clients. Does it have: a large volume of demand, exposure to difficult stories of loss, pain, trauma, and suffering, and/or clients that are very complex or face seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

  1. Where do your stories go? (What do you do at the end of a work day to put difficult stories client away and go home to your friends and family?)

  1. Were you trained for this? (During your training offer you any education on self-care, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burn-out? If you did, have you attended any further professional development on these topics?)

  1. What are your particular vulnerabilities? We know that a large percentage of helpers have experienced primary trauma at some point in their past, and that personal characteristics (attuned and empathy) are more vulnerable in developing Compassion Fatigue.

  1.  How do you protect yourself while doing this very challenging work?