Fourth meeting of UUU agenda

  1. Note committee members that are present

  1. Progress report on temporary content for UUU website:: Barry, Jason, Simon, Brendan, Joe

  1. Progress report on website improvements: Gavin . Note Dan has made a mock-up for website redesign. UUU calendar (see e-mails)  
  2.  We also need a proper events calendar (Dan has a solution that uses Google calendar and shared calendars) that will work now.

  1. Progress report on IUF role (what should Alan be doing etc...): Alan.

  1. Progress report on gaining control of bank account: Joe

  1. Progress report on registering the UUU as a charity.

  1. Progress report on finding out who qualified level testers are? Do we have a record of who was awarded what level? Do we have the certificate templates? Sam

  1. [SKIP due to lack of time]Progress report on making unicycling  a recognised sport in the UK (Sports for England/Wales/Scotland/NI). Dan has contacted Sports England. There are several obstacles in our way that prevents us from becoming the national governing body for unicycling (membership numbers, constitution, other policy documents, certified financial accounts)

  1. How are committee members selected. RE: road rep/hockey rep being proposed without any election/process unlike what stated in draft constitution.

  1. Would the unicycle committee benefit from a road representative?

  1.  Promoting events on facebook/twitter. Should we have each rep responsible for posting about events for their discipline? If the event is mixed discipline assign one person to handle promoting the event.

  1. Would “rep” committee members be interested in being involved in the writing of IUF rules? How can reps get involved? By joining the rulebook committee

Kris - (Jonathan Marshall is currently on the committee for iuf rule writing, obviously biased towards Hockey)

14. Should we put together a pack of information for people interested in starting their own club?

15. BUC.