I have contacted many of you before. If you have any questions about anything Key Club related or any tips you believe would be helpful do not hesitate to post them here. Just a few rules:

These will ensure that the “discussion board” stays organized. If you would like, please put your name and home club. This is a great way to connect the clubs across the state. If you have any events coming up, feel free to post those on this page to.

Thank you,

Allison Okeley- Crown Point High School

How do I promote key club at my school?

How do I fill out monthly reports?

How do I get more information on club officer training and district events?

What is key club and how should a club look?

When are things due and how do I go about doing that?

Have the kids run the club and stay in contact with your Kiwanis Clubs.

Stay in touch with other clubs and work with other clubs and Kiwanis clubs.

Work with other school and community groups whenever possible