#crit101: Week Two - Research and Enquiry

What is the best way to cook an egg?


When given a question there is not always one answer, but many answers combine to create an argument; what is the best way to cook an egg? Due to the openness of the question we chose to explore our opportunities and weigh out our options. What is the healthiest way? The easiest way? The tastiest way? After much thought and little to no research, another question rose to the surface; is there even a right or wrong? Is it simply a matter of taste and opinion? There are many different ways of cooking an egg, whether that be hard boiled, poached, scrambled or fried etc. This raises several questions within itself; How many different ways are there?, Is there a “best” way?, Do people eat eggs in all the ways they can be made?. The ambiguity of the question is open to be answered in anyway, however because of this obscurity there is not one answer but just a well reasoned guess.


We conducted a survey which was put online and given to people to fill out in person, to answer  the following questions, “ What’s the easiest, fastest, healthiest and your favourite way to cook and egg?” We have chosen to do a survey as it will give us physical evidence that we collected ourselves so we know that it is reliable and that the conclusion we get from it is valid. It was an easy way to get evidence as you only had to give it out and not search through information which might not be true or real furthermore by asking such specific questions we can get a broad view and specific and varied results. Therefore by doing this survey we would expect to find a lot more truthful answers as they would put down the first thing that comes to mind when answering to the question and also they would consider their options just go with the one they like, instead of going with the one that we would want to hear. We also chose to do some online research based on the nutritious side of cooking, we did this to get some secondary evidence which we can compare to the primary evidence we got in our survey. From this we would expect to find that the information would be supportive of the healthier way to cook eggs as the results of from a nutritional website.


From the results we got from the online survey, which got 11 responses, and the survey given to people , which got 7 responses,  we can can deduct that both fried and  boiled is the easiest way to cook an egg with 6/18 preferring it, fried is the fastest with 11/18 preferring it, poached is the healthiest with 14/18 preferring it and the most favourable way is both fried and scrambled with 5/18 people preferring it. However theses questions are from a person’s point of view and everyone’s point of view is different so when deciding which is “The best way to cook an egg” it really depends of the persons taste and their lifestyle as it determines how you cook it for example if you lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle then you would probably go for a boiled or poached egg over a fried or scrambled .as they are healthier.

According to Grace Covelli (2011) sometimes the healthiness of the egg depends on the individuals diet or lifestyle. For example, if an individual had high cholesterol, the healthiest way to cook an egg would be to not cook the whole egg at all. The yolks of an egg contain high amounts of cholesterol which after time can lead to clog your arteries, therefore it is advised when cooking to only use the egg whites.  Many sportsmen eat raw eggs for the protein, therefore in comparison to their lifestyle the best way to cook an egg in their circumstances is simply not to.

After searching the internet for which method of cooking an egg results in the fastest, healthiest and easiest way, I have discovered that there isn’t a single way of cooking in egg which results in the fastest or healthiest or the easiest methods. On the other hand eggs as a general ingredients contain a substantial amount of nutrients which is good for the human body. The NHS State, on their websites about eggs, that they contain protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and iodine. They go as far as saying that “there is no recommended limit on how many eggs people should eat.” (NHS.uk, 2011).

In addition to this, people may prefer different methods of cooking an egg as our survey has shown as the results reflect personal taste in preference; but the nutritional value and health of an individual is to a greater extent down to the quality of the egg in the first place. Not all eggs have the same nutritional value as each other, how the chicken is treated has an impact on the egg that it produces. “Research has shown that cage-free hens have produced eggs higher in various vitamins.” Pappas (2006) The environment that the chicken was raised in, not being too stressful and allowing them to eat food that their body can tolerate affects both the nutritional value and taste of the egg.


In conclusion, there is not a “best” way to cook an egg; there are many ways to fry, boil, poach and scramble an egg to give a result. From our research both primary and secondary we have discovered that it is all down to personal taste and preference. Also, there is no definitive way of deciding which method is fastest, easiest or healthiest, as there is so many different ways to cook an egg, with different equipment and techniques; judging which method is best is just impossible. The only aspect that can be measured is the healthiness of the egg but this has nothing to do with the way it is cooked; it comes down to the treatment and lifestyle of the chicken before the egg has been laid. It also comes down to your own preference on how you like your eggs being cook. If we were to have more time to do research we would have left the survey up longer to get more of people’s opinions and also would've considered in more detail what is meant by the word  “cook” because cook might not mean the egg on it’s own maybe it could mean the egg as a main ingredient in something like quiche or egg fried rice this would give us a broader conclusion which may be more accurate for real life.


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10 Different ways to cook an egg:

1. Over-easy                            11.Omelette

2. Sunny-side up                      12 Deviled eggs

3. Hard boiled

4. Soft boiled

5. Basted

6. Over-hard

7. Poached

8. Steam-basted

9. Shirred

10. Scrambled

Clearly there are many ways to cook an egg, but the wording of the question indicating the “best” way leaves our options open. What’s the quickest, easiest way? What way tastes the best? Which is healthiest? What’s the most common? I think if we do a survey on each of these questions, we can compare our results. I predict the way to cook an egg that tastes the best will be different as to which one is most commonly used. We can then question this: Why? Is it an easier way? Quicker for those rushing mornings? Or is our society simply to lazy to go out of their way to spend more time on food they enjoy. - Lily.

I agree with u lily. So should be creat a questionnaire and give it out to a sample of people and get them to rate them on out of 10 taste, easy to prepare, healthiest and what they normally would go for? also we should search on google or another search engine what chefs.

Or cookery books say is the best and compare it with our findings. What do u think?- Heather

Hi and have create a questionnaire which is on my twitter so could you get people to fill it out it would help us a lot. - Heather.

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