December 22, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY


Conducting:  Sister Almeida and Sister Wight

Organist:  Sister Kogure

Chorister:  Sister Oeser

Special Number:  Come Unto Christ


Back Row:  Sisters Newlin, Ransom and Richins

Front Row:  Sister Shumway (cello); Sister Clement and Sister Seol (violin)


Opening Prayer:  Sister Burke

Purpose:  Sister Kogure


Sister Kogure



·       Please clean the fridge out by Friday evening so there will room for the makings of Christmas breakfast.

·       Please wear your scarves.  They serve as identification as well as warmth.

·       There is a Relief Society table in the foyer.  Please feel free to pull a quote out of the jar, read it and return it to the jar.  If you have a favorite quote, you may place that in the jar for other sisters to enjoy.

·       President Risenmay read Alma 37:37.  He encouraged all of us to pray in the morning and evening as companionships.  After which you have your personal prayer.  This is being added to the protocols.


Sister Sharp gave a training session on Organ Recitals.


Roleplay:  Sister Chua and Sister Rauta pretending to be at the Christus.


Sister Chua and Sister Rauta


Lesson:  If Ye Had Known Me

Teachers:  Sisters Triptree, Sookhoo, Cutrer, and Fernandez (not pictured as she was ill)


Do we just know of Him or do we really know Him?

How can we come to know Jesus Christ and believe Him?



Sister Fernandez overcame many trials and obstacles before she came on her mission.  She had to truly trust in the Lord and put her confidence in His power before she came on her mission.


Sister Triptree spent 18 months deciding whether to serve a mission or not.  She was actually inactive for a while.  She shared her testimony that if you study the scriptures, He will give you the words to say.  She exercised her faith and studied the scriptures – here she is on her mission.



We must follow His teachings first and then invite others to follow Christ.  Are we following Christ or are we just following the newest trend to serve a mission?  Through the #Light The World initiative, we first serve and then teach.  The sisters showed a video clip from Elder Bednar.


Sister Zeng told us that we have to fully give ourselves to Christ.  There was a period of time that she was wondering if she should go home.  Through a priesthood blessing, she was told that there was someone specific that she was here to find and teach.  She had been praying and totally giving herself to Christ with the goal of finding this person.  She found Sherry yesterday – the person that she was meant to find.  If someone needs you, they will find you.


Sister Cruz told of a family that she had taken on a tour.  The father was not interested in learning more.  However, through her trust and faith in Heavenly Father, she knows that this family will receive the gospel with other missionaries teaching them.  Sometimes we plant seeds and they flourish in other places.


The service that perform can be in our apartments.




Come to believe for yourself that He is your Savior.


Closing Hymn:  #134 I Believe in Christ

Closing Prayer:  Sister Tuttle