General Rules:

-4 stock, 8 minutes.

-Sets are best of 3. Finals are best of 5.

-Items set to “off” and “none.”

 -Either player may call for a Double Blind character selection for the first match.

-Dave’s Stupid Rule: A player may not counterpick any stage he won on in a set.

 -Controller port is determined by Rock Paper Scissors if it can’t be agreed upon. -For doubles, the controller ports must be 1-2-2-1.

-For doubles, Team Attack is on and life stealing is allowed. Remember that Attack+Special, not the Pause button, is used to steal lives.

-Pausing during a match, unless okayed by the other player, will result in the loss of one stock for the pauser.

 -If time runs out, the person with the most stock left (or least % if they are equal) wins. If the % is equal as well, play a 1 stock 3 minute match, same characters and stage.

-If the match goes to sudden death due to a suicide move (Ganon’s side-B, Kirby/DDD’s swallow, holding someone in a grab on a platform as it moves out of the boundaries, etc.), the one who initiated the move wins.

-Buffer set to off.

-Custom controls are allowed, but controllers modified to enhance performance are not. No turbo buttons, etc. However, removing the springs from shoulder buttons or replacing a thumbstick with a different thumbstick are ok.

-In the event that the game crashes or the TV/Wii loses power in the middle of a match, that match will be restarted from the beginning with the same characters and stage. If a player uses a known glitch to intentionally crash the game or otherwise make it unfinishable, that player may be forced to forfeit the match or be DQed at the TO’s discretion.

 -No excessive stalling (this includes abusing Jiggs’ Rising Pound and Mario’s Up-B Walljump)

-No coaching during a match. Consulting someone between matches is allowed as long as it doesn’t hold up the next match.

-Both players may agree to any rule or stage outside the tournament ruleset.

-Giga Bowser is banned.



-For the 1st match, stage strike the starter list in 1-2-2-1 fashion. After each match, the winner of the previous match bans 2 stages (Players may counterpick a stage that they previously banned in the set, but may not counterpick a stage on which they won). The player who lost the previous match chooses a stage, then the player who won chooses their character, then the player who lost chooses their character.

-Project M 3.6 must be installed on your setup


Yoshi's Story
Pokemon Stadium 2

Final Destination
Fountain of Dreams
Green Hill Zone
Delfino's Secret