Poetry Portfolio

Framing Purpose

We’ve surveyed a range of poetry types, forms, and genres and it’s time to dig deeper. You are going to curate a collection of poetry and then use your selections to develop your analytical and argumentative writing skills.

Academic Intentions

- Construction of Knowledge

- Disciplined Inquiry

- Value Beyond School

Your Craft - Selection of Poetry / Songs

        - curated collection of poems, max three of any one ‘type’ (songs, haikus, etc.)

Technical Requirements - Responses

- ¾ to 1 page in length, standard formatting

- a total of 10 responses - one for each poem

- five of your poems should be thoughtfully annotated


Potential Prompts


- what was the poet trying to capture / what is his/her purpose?

- who is the poet trying to address / who is the intended audience?

- what metaphors, allusions, or references does the poet make and how does it relate to the poem’s meaning?

- how does the poem develop its main idea?

- how does the poem try to transform the reader’s ideas, opinions, politics, viewpoint etc.? for what purpose?


- how does the poem’s organization/form (stanzas, rhyme scheme) or order (first, second, etc) affect its meaning?

- how does word choice affect the poem? Consider connotation and denotation as you look up words you don’t know or might have multiple meanings

-How do poetic devices (imagery, simile, metaphor, personification, symbols) and/or sound devices (alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhythm) contribute to the meaning of the poem?

Attention to Detail

- how does the poet use punctuation to affect meaning?

- how does the poet use spacing (white space around the poem, between lines, etc.) to affect meaning?

- how does repetition or length affect meaning?


- how has your definition of poetry developed through this unit?

- how does your annotation style help you understand the text?

- what patterns do you find in the selections you made?

- what poem in this collection do you connect with / like the most?

- choose one poet and research their life/experiences/influences

- how does the poem connect to your Universal Human Experience?