Year 2 Newsletter,

Term 4, 2015

We welcome back everyone for an awesome term.

A special welcome to new students and families joining the Elm Park School family.

Important dates this term:

  • 27 - 29 October: Inquiry showcase
  • 4 Nov: Year 2 shared lunch
  • 10 Nov: Rms 8 and 10 Trip to Mangere Mountain
  • 11 Nov: Rms 9 and 11 Trip to Mangere Mountain
  • 26 Nov: Student Led Conferences
  • 10 Dec: Celebration concert
  • 15 Dec: Term 4 ends at 1pm

Our learning focus for the term

Our vegetable gardens have flourished over last term and the holidays.

This term we will continue focussing on learning about well-being.

  In particular, we will be learning skills and knowledge needed to harvest the vegetables that we have grown and use them to cook different dishes.

We would love your support when we are organising the cooking in our classrooms, especially when we have our shared lunch next month.

Please let your child’s class teacher know if and when you can help out.

Along with using the vegetables at school, we would love to share our produce with our school community.

Come and speak to your child’s classroom teacher about how you could support the Year 2 veggie shops which will be running on Fridays.

You can keep up to date with our learning on our Year 2 well-being blog.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Student Led Conferences later this term.

We know that your children will be very excited about sharing what they have learnt and their achievements over the year.

                    Important reminders

                 Being sun safe

                  Hats are compulsory this term.

There is a ‘No Hat, No Play’ policy this term.  School hats can be purchased from the uniform shop.

Students who are not in correct school uniform will need a note from parents.

Healthy eating

A reminder about giving healthy food options to your children as part of their morning tea and lunch and also making the lunch boxes litter free.

The students will be participating in athletics as part of the PE programme this term.

We will be continuing with e-Portfolios as a means of keeping you up to date with your child’s learning. It would be fantastic if you log on, using your parent login, and comment on what you see.                                                                                                                              See the office staff if you are unsure of your login details.  

Other information

Your contact details

Please advise the office staff if you have changed your address or telephone number and update the information about the other people we are to contact should we need to.  It is distressing for all concerned when the information we have is not correct and we are unable to contact you.


If your child is sick please keep them at home and contact the office (text, phone message or email) to advise that they will not be at school that day.


Head lice

We have the recurring problem with head lice.  If your child comes home with a notice informing you that head lice have been seen in a child’s hair then you need to check your child.  If you find head lice, the hair needs to be treated, all the hair utensils and bedding need to be treated too.  Head lice can survive in water so washing hair is not the answer.  Have a look online for the natural and homemade remedies.  If you have hair straighteners you could try these on freshly washed hair as the eggs cannot survive the intense heat.

Keeping in contact

Contact with and from school

There are many ways we can contact you and you can contact the school.  It is vital that school has your latest contact details in case of an emergency.





Smart phone app - ask the office about this app