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Heal, Feed, and Sustain video:  

How Biotechnology can Help Save The World

In your own words, define biotechnology.

Biotechnology and You

With which student did you most closely identify?  Micah, Xavier or Kendall?  Why?

In which setting would you most like to work?  Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, BASF  Plant Science or Novozymes North America? Explain why.  Which has made the most exciting discoveries?

Which section of the video was most interesting?   Heal, Feed, or Sustain? What about that section did you find so interesting?

With which employee did you most identify?  Dr. Christ, Katie or James? Why?

How does or how could biotechnology affect your life?

Where Do People Work?

List at least four different jobs that were featured in the film.

What biotechnology job would you most and least enjoy doing? Why?

What do People Do?

List at least four skills that you witnessed being used by biotechnology workers.

What skill do you see as the most important for a scientist? Why?