A midsummer night’s dream

Chapter 3

Shakespeare by Edith Nesbit

WALT: understand what explicit and implicit information is

Read through the following carefully

Geoff wanted to help his dad with his work. He turned off the TV show that he was watching for the whole entire afternoon and followed his dad. Dad smiled and said “Thanks Geoff. I can always count on you.”

Explicit information is information the text directly tells you. From the text above, explicit information could be:

‘Geoff wanted to help his dad’

‘Geoff stopped watching his TV show’

Both are EXPLICIT information that is in the text.

Implicit information is information we can assume, identify by reading and understanding the text. From the short phrase above, implicit information could be:

‘Geoff was bored watching his TV’

‘Dad appreciates Geoff trying to help’

The information above is not something the text directly tells us. We can come up with this idea by reading the text and understanding it. You should be able to backup your idea with evidence from the text that made you come up with the idea.

Now respond to the questions below after reading

Chapter 3 of ‘A midsummer night’s dream’

Highlight whether the information is explicit or not explicit.

If the information is explicit write the page where it tells you that information and write down the explicit information written in the text

First one is done for you as an example

Puck poured something into Lysander’s eyes         Explicit / Not explicit                Page:14

Puck poured the juice on Lysander’s eyes

Titania was sleeping in the skin of a snake                Explicit / Not explicit                Page:15

It said she slept in snakeskin

Titania fell in love with a stupid clown                        Explicit / Not explicit                Page:15

It says when Titania  wakes she sees a stupid clown

The clown also fell in love with Titania                Explicit / Not explicit                Page:


The clown doesn’t ever say that he just likes the fairies serving for him

Mustardseed is a fairy                                        Explicit / Not explicit                Page:

Because they say the names of the faries serving the clown and mustardseed is one of them

Mustardseed in response to Titania, said, “I will.”        Explicit / Not explicit                Page:

It says that they all say ‘’I will’’

The clown was taking advantage of Titania                Explicit / Not explicit                Page:

Because the clo0wn said’ I don’t like Titiana I just like the fairies serving me.

Answer the following question in full sentences and examples when appropriate

(page 14-15) ‘Grew wild thyme, oxlips, and violets, and woodbine, muskroses and eglantine.’ Without searching on the web, guess what you think they are? What gave you the idea?

I think a grew wild theme is a jungle theme

James, after having read chapter 3 said ‘That clown is taking advantage of the queen and the fairies!’

Is what James thinking an explicit or implicit information from the book?

Explicit because he says That the clown is taking advantage of the queen and the fairies!’

What happened in chapter 3 that made James come up with that idea? Give some evidence/examples from the text.

Because it says The clown  says he just likes the fairies serving for him

What else could you say about the clown based on what you have read from the text?

Give evidence.

He is very mean because he doesn’t care for the queen just for the fairies and greedy because he wanted a lot of things from the fairies.