Coarsegold Resource Conservation District

Meeting Minutes for: June 23, 2016 , at 9:00 am - 11:30 am        

La Cabana Porch, North Fork, Ca.

The mill site office was locked. We tried the Studio in town but ran into a conflict and ended up at La Cabana’s.

Action item: John will arrange for us to get a key to the North Fork mill office building for our meetings in the future.


Pledge of Allegiance, roll call and self-introductions- In attendance: Jay Seslowe, Marcia Freedman, Jon Kilburn, Johnny Herrera?, and Anne Melrose.


General Business                                        

Approval of Agenda - We added a Board Member discussion item.

Approval of May 2016 Minutes- The notes have been commented on and approved by email.

Action item: John will post the minutes from April and May.

Treasurer’s Report Approval- Marcia bought QuickBooks to modernize our accounting system, so the only change was her reimbursement for that at $188.99. She will get help setting it up with Claiborne’s Accounting office? Jon made a motion to support her training costs, 2nd by Anne and approved by all.

Action item: John will follow up with Marcia on the best way to share the treasurer’s report on Google Drive.

CRCD Correspondence - Marcia shared the CARCD conference information with Jay.

Action item: Anne will follow up with the SCE tax dept.’s questions regarding our tree sales.

Audit - Marcia continues to look for auditor options with her best price in the $3000 range.

Action item: Marcia will get our last 5 years of records organized into Quickbooks in preparation.

Cal Recycle Grant- Anne is working with Keith to get final documents in before he starts work. We expect him to start by early July. Jay does have a final bill for out of pocket expenses related to his Cal Recyle efforts, under $200.00. It was discussed that we need to  see Insurance and Audit costs as Administrative costs. What about Error and Omissions?

Action item: Jay will  finalize the total of personal money her spent on the CalRecycle grant, so we can reimburse him.

Action item: Anne will check on the timing of her Site Characterization form for the grant per Jay’s advice.

Kinsman Flat Grant - Our offer to install the windmill ran into trouble within the F&W office. It seemed to be off the table, but has suddenly returned.

Action item: Anne will provide insurance information as Tim Kroeker requested.

NRCS funded aid - Jenny Johnson submitted the offer for this position to Curtis at NRCS. It is hoped that paperwork could be finalized by July 15th. The following items have come up as important for this job position to fill: updating our website, preparing our “binder”, organizing our files, working to get and manage grants, looking for pilot funding, preparing “shovel ready”projects and creating partnerships.

Action item: Everyone should keep track of hours they work on RCD projects for inclusion as possible “in kind” contributions.

New Board Members: It was asked that everyone keep in mind our need for more board members.


Public Comment (Limited to 3 Minutes) none



Forest Preservation Grant - Jay and Anne managed to get this grant transferred to us from Yosemite/Sequoia RCD. It will be about $19,000 for the continued cleanup of illegal grow sites in the forest. Work should be done in the fall when sites are empty.

Action item: Anne will keep working with the Forest Service and Keith Horton to get this  moving.

 Madera County Groundwater Manager- Jay will be having lunch with Julie ? to catch up on work in this new position.

5. Agency/Partner reports

        Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) - Johnny was nice enough to join us. It will be his last meeting as Cheryl  Fight and then Priscilla Baker will take  his place. The District Conservationist position is currently being sought, although it may take 70+ days.   Climate change will be changing our agriculture map in the future. Almonds in Idaho! Johnny shared some details of the recent EQUIP - Environmental Quality Incentive Program - Their Diesel  engine replacement program reduces particulates, parts per million, from 12.6 to .02 (a 99% reduction!).  There are also range and water conservation contracts. Help with dead tree removal is hampered by a some of its restrictions; only applying to areas more then 200 “ around your house, atleast 1 acre of dead trees etc.

Action item: Johnny will share the details of the NRCS tree mortality assistance available.

Action item: We will surf the NRCS website for information.

7. Workshops/ Events/Presentations

8. Next Meeting: July 28, 2016 9:00am – CDC Conference Room, North Fork Mill Site 9.

Topics to add to next agenda: Review “Action Items”.

Adjourned: at 11:30 am