Ridge Point High School

Aquatic Science

Chris Fisher and Steven Fall

Signature Page – to be returned to Aquatic Sceince Teacher

I have read and understood all items in the syllabus and I will follow all procedures listed.

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Student Name – Print                                                 Student Signature

I have read and understood all items in the syllabus. I understand the change in grading policies will be communicated regarding End of Course exams. I also understand the major topics that will be presented and how the re-teach and re-asses policy will be implemented. If I would like a parent conference, I know how to contact you and I will set up the conference in advance.

**Please ask your child for the student safety contract! This must be signed by you (front and back) and returned ASAP so he or she can participate in labs and receive credit!!**

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Parent e-mail address (please print clearly!)

We will do our best to have our teacher websites up to date with homework, posting of test dates and any electronic versions of materials that we have. Please check this website to help monitor the progress of your child:

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