Enriching Math Class with Productive Struggle, Spiralling, & Technology

Problem Based Ideas/Lessons/Resources

Warm Up Act

Set 2 TECH

Mary Bourassa’s Warm Up file

Estimation180 - Collection of 180+ visual estimates. Great for starting class, or starting a topic.         

Visual patterns - Collection of visual patterns. You are to determine the number of “items” in the 43rd step.         

Would You Rather - Collection of WYR tasks. Visual prompts.         

www.matharguments180.com - Visual Prompts that promote justification.

www.graphingstories.com - Predict Relationships 15 seconds at a time.

http://www.openmiddle.com/ - Open questions promote curiosity. Great lesson starters

http://wodb.ca - Which One Doesn’t Belong

SolveMeMobile - Visually solve equations




Here are the Lessons we did:

Other Resources

  • Massive Lesson Sheet Digital Filing Cabinet - Grades 9 - 10 resources. Some grade 11/12 trigonometry.
  • Grade 9 resources -- - iTunesU course I created last year. Lots of digital resources and links to some of my lessons.

3 Act (Problem Based Activities) Search Engine: http://robertkaplinsky.com/prbl-search-engine/ 

101qs.com - A giant collection of visual prompts to start lessons. Also, giant collection of 3 - Act math lessons (inquiry based tasks).

Spiralling with Inquiry Plans

For Coaches/Consultants:

Switch Overview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XYxudAQk5w 

Switch Framework printable PDF