May, 2017

We are in the home stretch!  Please encourage your child to continue working hard and focusing on their academics until the very last day of school.  We have MAP testing May 17-18.  We want your child to be successful on this assessment as we look for an increase from last Spring to this Spring.  Additionally, please make sure they have a great night’s sleep, breakfast and a charged chromebook.

In math, we are finishing our Geometry Unit in the next two weeks and starting our Probability and Statistics unit.  We have come a long way since August and I am very excited to see our growth since then on MAP. Please make sure your child has a charged chromebook and pencils and red pens for the remainder of the year.  

During Science, we are delving into Genetics. The students will be working on concepts and activities to strengthen their understanding on why we look the way we do. Please ask them about the activities they are doing in class.

In Language Arts, we have finished our Lincoln Unit, and have moved into our final unit of the year.  We are working on researching topics that are important to us, and creating PSA’s to inform others.  We have also started reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Social Studies - We are coming up to our year end Constitution Test.  We are beginning our final unit on the Bill of Rights and the 27 Amendments that have been added to the United States Constitution.  Students will explore and understand the rights guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution.  During their exploration process they will gain an understanding of what rights they have and how knowing and understanding their rights allows them to be a stronger citizen which in turn strengthens our democracy.