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T3 Week 3

4 August 2014

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Dear parents/caregivers, friends & whānau of Room 1,

Last week sure was busy! We beavered away with our information reports, reworked them, digitised them and then embedded them in our blog. Lots of new digital  learning for some and a chance for those more skillful to tutor their classmates. Visit our Room 1 blog and follow the links to student’s individual blogs to view their work.

We have worked on managing ourselves this week. An expectation of responding at bell times and returning to class punctually was set. The class  has risen to the task and we are able to start lessons really quickly after bells. Well done Room 1!

As part of the  “managing ourselves” focus we have been working on taking care of our belongings and ensure we have them in the right place - this means anything from a pencil sharpener to shoes, to bags as well as scooters.

Scooters have become a problem in Room 1. The children store them in the back room during the day and this restricts the use of the room as another working area. Scooters will not be allowed inside from now on. If scooters come to school they need to be locked up in the bike sheds.


The majority of the class are switched onto homelearning and we had 85% return of Homelearning books on Friday last week.

Each week there is a challenge. Last week’s challenge included you - well done to those people who commented on your child’s blog in response to them taking up their challenge.

Do your children sometimes say they have forgotten their homelearning? Do they say they left it in their desk? excuses now - on our class website is a  homelearning section. Use this to get the weekly challenge. And as for spelling words - they are now on Spelling City for them to test themselves and choose word activities from.

Spelling City:

Spelling City is a free online resource. Let’s make the most of it and encourage your child to use it to test themselves on the week’s words. There are word activities to play as well to reinforce the correct spelling.

Link for this wonderful website: click here...


Spelling City

Class Rules, Rewards & Consequences:

Room 1 have a set of rules that were negotiated in term 1. We revisited the rules last week and committed ourselves to our treaty. It would be timely for you to talk to your child about our rules and what they mean for them.

Gotchas are being awarded thick and fast and some students have already filled up their first ticket of 30 gotchas and are onto number 2.

Class Rules:

1. Try your best in all that you do

2. Be honest

3. Use your W.I.T.S

4. Manage yourself

5. Be kind to yourself and others always

You can contact us by email: 

Spotlight on Learning:

Awards: Week 2

Kind Certificate: Ryland - for being kind to others at all times

Mathlete of the Week: Tara

Senior Assembly Certificates: Benjamin, Melea and Georgia R. - for taking up the Homelearning challenge and completing it early in the week.

Senior Syndicate Student of the Week Shield: Terrin

Ka mau te wehi!

Information Reports:

These reports have been completed and embedded in blogs. They have also reflected on their digital work and this is included in a separate blog post.

Please take the time to visit your child’s blog, view their slideshow, read their reflection and then leave a comment for your child

Instructions on how to comment on blogs are here on our Rm 1 website..

We shall be building on their digital skills as they write an explanation about Space over the next 3 weeks and share their explanation with “sisomo”.

Senior Syndicate

Student of the Week:

Last week this was awarded to Terrin. He got it because he is the learning kind and the achieving kind.

He is helpful and kind to others.

He always know what to do and gets on and does it.

His strength is in his thinking ability.

He processes information and uses it for the right purposes.

He is able to discuss everything we do in detail.

He thinks ahead and is able to plan effectively.

He is a whiz on the computer and is a great tutor in Room 1 by teaching others and sharing his knowledge.

Congratulations Terrin!


Yours in learning

Cheryl Torrie & Sherryl Gomm

Room 1 Teachers