Thank you so much to everyone for coming out to the Capitol and across the state to protest in person (and in spirit!) on 11/8/18! We protested to draw attention to the importance of protecting the Robert Mueller investigation in a bipartisan matter. We must protect the independence and integrity of Mueller's probe.

Contact your MOC (Member of Congress) and demand that they oppose ANY attempt to stymie the investigation in a BIPARTISAN manner. Please contact your MOC is who in office now.  The election is over - ask them to put country over party and do the right thing. Also contact your newly elect Representatives to let them know how you feel about protecting Mueller’s investigations.

Members of Congress:

  • Senators Klobuchar and Smith (all MN)
  • Representatives Walz (CD1), Lewis (CD2), Paulsen (CD3), McCollum (CD4), Ellison (CD5), Emmer (CD6, Peterson (CD7) and Nolan (CD8) - most are lame ducks, they can take action now without concern for the election.
  • Please also contact your new Representatives - Omar (CD5), Phillips (CD3), Craig (CD2) - and especially Stauber (CD8) and Hagedorn (CD1)- and tell them to act to protect a fair and independent investigation.

Contact your members of congress:

1. CONGRESSIONAL ASKS - call or write your reps!


The US Senate Judiciary Committee has already passed a bill to protect the Mueller investigation but Sen McConnell has refused to bring it to the floor for a Senate vote. Please contact Sen. Klobuchar and Sen. Smith and ask them to pressure Sen McConnell to move this bill onto the Senate Floor for a full vote.

The House version of the bill has not made it to the committee vote yet. Ellison, McCollum, Walz and Nolan have signed onto the bill. Please call Lewis, Paulsen, Peterson and Emmer AND Stauber and Hagedorn and ask them to sign on and to get the bill to committee then the floor for a vote.




  • There are several competing bills, so you can also ask your US House of Representative sign the DISCHARGE PETITION of HR 4669 bill (The Special Council Integrity Act) to bring this bill to a full House Floor Vote right now. What's a Discharge Petition? See:

  • Tell your MOC to demand Whitaker be removed from the position of Acting Attorney General because his appointment did not pass the required confirmation process and because of his criticism and public contempt for the Mueller investigation as a whole. (More info:

  • Demand the creation of a modern-day version of the Senate Select Watergate Committee to investigate all matters involved in the Russia scandals and Trump's abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

  • Demand bipartisan hearings in the House Judiciary Committee on obstruction of justice and abuse of power.



  • Do you have some signs in your yard from your favorite candidates that ran (and hopefully won!) in the Midterms? Repurpose it! Get crafty and make a sign supporting the Mueller Investigation.

No one is above the law!