Staff/Students Connecting a Windows Device to the SJPS wireless network

1.  In the lower right-hand corner, Select the wireless icon.  This will display the list of wireless networks available.

2.  Select SJPS_Guests and Select the Connect button.

3.  Select the Connect button

4.  Open a browser and go to you will then get redirected to the webpage below.  Select the Click Here link towards the top of the page

5. Select the Start QuickConnect link

6.  If you see this window appear, Select the Run button

7.  Select the Next button

8. If you see this box: Type in your Novell Username and Password into the designated boxes and Select the Next button

9. Select the Yes button

10. Select the Yes button

11. Select the Yes button

12. Select the Yes button

13. Select the Yes button

14.  Select the Connect button.  If you select the Finish button, you will not be connected to the SJPS network.

15.  You will see this screen when your device is trying to connect to the SJPS network

16. Select Close.  You are now connected to SJPS wireless network.