191. The little human girl

「As I've thought, it was the previous Demon Lord-sama, huh.

 The『oni』who showed in Japan 40 years ago.」

「So, Japan or something......

 40 years ago?

 The human girl of this picture......」

 The previous Demon Lord-sama has been lost in thought.

 Or rather, be lost in thought after I get out of this kabe-don situation!

「I see, the place that time was『Japan』, huh.

 How can I go to Japan?」

「You managed to come on your own but you don't know how?」

「That's because I used the【Magic stone of emergency escape】at that time.」

「What kind of magic stone is that?」

「Although you can escape immediately, you don't know where the magic stone will transfer you.」

 What, that's a dangerous magic stone!

 It's fine since I can use【Teleportation】but......

「Why did you use such a dangerous magic stone?」


 The previous Demon Lord began to talk about the events happened 40 years ago.


「Do you know the race called devil-kin?」

「I haven't encountered one before.」

「The war of demonkind and devil-kin has continued for more than 1, 000 years.」

 Is it something like elves and dark elves?

「Although the devil-kin has power weaker than the demonkind, they frequently attacked us using cowardly means.」

 So the Devil-kin is the brain faction, huh.

「One day, 40 years ago―

 the devil-kin had cowardly abducted a demonkind child.」

 Abducting a child, their cowardice knows no bounds.

「We were going to form a large-scale search party but―

 I went to the rescue alone without listening to everyone to hold back.」

「It was a trap, wasn't it?」

「Yes, it was the devil-kin's trap......」

 The previous Demon Lord-sama is quite a muscle-brain, huh.

「I was able to easily save the child.

 However, there was―

 a trap set in many layers as well as the fact that I was carrying the child so I could only run away as expected.

 And finally, I and the child whom I'd saved were surrounded by a lot of traps and devil-kin, there was nothing more that could be done.」

「So, we used the【Magic stone of emergency escape】.」

「I see.」

 Rather than being caught, he prioritized escaping immediately even though he didn't know where he will be transferred, huh.

「However, whilst using【magic stone of emergency escape】, we were struck by lightning.」

「Lightning strike? Did the devil-kin used【Lightning magic】?」

「I don't know, it was also raining so it might have been a natural lightning.」

 Lightning strike?

 Something's fishy.

「And then, when I noticed I was in an unknown forest and there wasn't any figure of devil-kin around―

 the child whom I'd saved wasn't there either......

 Only myself has been transferred away somewhere, that child had been left behind to the devil-kin.」

 That forest was Japan, huh.

「Then it was the story that I've learned afterwards―

 when the search party rushed in, the devil-kin had already withdrawn―

 it seems that the kidnapped child could also not be found in the end.」

 The people around has also been listening attentively to the story of the previous Demon Lord-sama.

 Is it by any chance a famous story amongst the demonkind?

「In an unknown forest, I was injured and couldn't move.

 And what appeared there was a human girl.」

 That person was Mai-san's obaa-san, huh.

「That girl fled as soon as she saw me.

 It will probably call an adult.

 In the end, I will be killed by humans with this wound, were my thoughts.

 I was prepared for death.

 But, the human girl came back all alone.

 She brought a healing tool.」


 he told that the little girl's healing method that didn't employ magic was wonderful,

 and his conversation with that little girl.

 The previous Demon Lord-sama......

 wraps it up in a little bit more oblaat[1] as the women are listening too.

「By the way, previous Demon Lord-sama.

 How did you come back from that place?」

「I used the【Magic stone of return】.」


 It's not【magic stone of emergency escape】but【magic stone of return】?」

「You also don't know what a【magic stone of return】either, huh.

 【magic stone of return】is a precious magic stone but―

 the magic stone will break once you use it. It's a magic stone which can return the user to where he last slept.」

「Then, when you escaped away from the devil-kin, you should've used the【magic stone of return】and not the【magic stone of emergency escape】, right?」

「Unfortunately, the【magic stone of return】is for only one person's use.

 I can't return with the rescued child.」

 I see, because of that......

「So, the forest where I met that human girl is『Japan』?」


「And, you also came from there.

 Where is『Japan』located?」

「I've been going back and forth with magic as well.

 It can't be reached by foot.」

「Then, take me to『Japan』.」

「I-, Impossible.

 When a demonkind appeared in Japan, it will cause an uproar.」

「Then, bring the human girl!」


「U-, Uhh......

 I'll ask that person.」


 Bring Mai-san's obaa-san here?

 Will she come?

「For now, can I take your picture?」

「Take a picture? What do you mean?」

「Like what I've shown you a little while ago, it's something like a magic that can make elaborate pictures.」

「Oh, that seems to be interesting, let's try it.」

 In order to show it to Mai-san's obaa-san―

 I took a picture of the previous Demon Lord-sama.

 The figure of the previous Demon Lord-sama displayed on the smartphone really looks like Mai.

 I've been asked to take several pictures with various poses......

[1] Oblaat (Japanese: オブラート) is a thin edible layer of starch that wraps some candies in Japan. - Wikipedia