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PWSL Sub Roster
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PWSL Sub Roster

The PWSL Sub Roster is a roster for new players to the League only.  It is meant to provide new players the opportunity to find where they best fit in the League by making them eligible to play for teams in need as borrowed players. This also gives existing teams the opportunity to borrow subs as needed and/or try out new players before officially adding them to the team’s roster.

If you wish to leave your contact information without joining the PWSL Sub Roster, please see the Players Looking for Teams form instead. (You are welcome to to do both if you like!)


  1. A player new to PWSL may register to the “Sub Roster” in order to establish eligibility to play as a “borrowed player” in PWSL games (during the season(s) in which the player is registered for the Sub Roster only).

  1. A player on the “Sub Roster” will be considered D4; all PWSL Borrowing Rules will apply. (Only 4 players not on a team’s roster may be played in a game without incurring a fine.)

  1. A player on the “Sub Roster” may not be simultaneously rostered to any established PWSL team.

  1. A player may register to the “Sub Roster” for no more than two seasons, which must be consecutive.

  1. The cost per season to join the “Sub Roster” is $15.


For Players:

  1. Please have ready: (a) Digital Picture of your face for your player card, in .jpg format.  Please make sure it is a picture of just YOUR face, with no hat or glasses; (b) Digital copy of proof of age (DL, passport), in .jpg format; (c) Access to a PayPal account for payment.

  1. Use the following link to find the registration page, and create an account.  You will receive an email to verify your email address.  Link:

  1. Please note:  You will be entered as a “manager” on the sub list team, and your name, picture, and a link to email you (not your actual email address) will be available publicly on our website.  Any information (address, phone number, etc) you set to “public” when registering will be available to the general public.  Please set information to “roster” (logged-in players can see it and email your from their personal email accounts), or alternatively, set information to “private” (information will not be shown and players can only email you through the website).

  1. Once your registration is complete, and your payment has been processed, please complete one of the following tasks to confirm your eligibility to play with PWSL:

    (a) Log into to verify you are registered to the Sub List for the current League year;

    (b) Check that your received (and save) the confirmation email from the PWSL website confirming registration for the League year.  If you never received the confirmation email, then you are NOT registered and must try again to be eligible to play with the League;

    (c) Log into the Sports Illustrated Play (“SI Play”) app (using the same login credentials that you created for the PWSL web site) and confirm that you have a player profile.  The SI Play app is free to download through Google Play and the App Store.  Any inquiries about this app should be directed to emailing (PWSL does not have any administrative rights to be able to assist with the app); or

    (d) Email or call the team manager of the team for which you will be subbing next to confirm that, when they log into their account, the PWSL web site lists you as a player on the Sub List roster for the current League year.

  1. To leave information about your playing ability for managers, please add a new comment in the “Forum” under the “Team Info” tab.  You must be logged-in to leave comments, and they will be displayed publicly.  Your name will be associated with the comments, so managers can find you on the team page, but feel free to leave additional contact info.  In your comments, include your name, age, skill level, last teams and/or time you played, and any other information that might help a manager know if you are a good fit for their team.

  1. You will be able to look up the managers of other teams, and email them from their team pages, to find any teams looking for players.

For Team Managers:

  1. Go to, and navigate to our site.  Under the “Team Info” horizontal tab, navigate to “Sub Eligible” division, and click on a “Sub Roster” team.  

  1. All players shown are eligible to play in PWSL, and should be able to forward you the confirmation email from the PWSL website confirming registration for the Sub Roster List for the current League year.  

  1. You can send them an email, by clicking on the “Email” link.  Be sure to include your contact info!

  1. Players have also been asked to leave comments about their playing ability and level in the “Forum” section of their team page.  You should be able to view, and can reply to their comments.  Managers can also post in the Forum, looking for new players.

  1. Be sure that all players borrowed bring their government-issued identification (“ID”) to the game.  Government-issued ID brought to the game must show the date of birth.  A clear digital or paper color copy of the borrowed player’s government-issued ID (if legally allowed to be copied) will be an acceptable substitute ID for PWSL game referees.

  1. Managers are responsible for ensuring only players eligible to play during the current League year are listed on their team’s Game Roster.  The League year runs from July 1st through June 30th of the next year.  Options to ensure a player is eligible: (a) Log into to verify the player is registered to your team or the Sub List for the current League year; (b) Ask the player to forward you the confirmation email she received from the PWSL website confirming registration for the League year; (c) Review the player’s credentials through the SI Play app.  Any inquiries about this app should be directed to emailing; or (d) Email or call that player’s team manager (if applicable) to confirm the player is rostered in the current League year.


Updated 8/18/19 S. Matera  Please contact with any questions.