WAL how to find the perimeter and area of some classroom objects.

Term 4





P= 2 (L + B) mm,cm,m

A = L x B/W

(sq mm,sq cm,sq m)

Maths text book

P = 2 (L + B)

  = 2 (24cm + 18cm)

  = 84cm

A   =  L  x B/W

    =  24cm x 18cm

    =  702 sq cm

Modelling book

P = 2 (L + B)

  = 2 (39cm + 31cm)

  = 140cm

A = L x B/W

  = 39cm x 31cm

  = 1209 sq cm

Large Rectangular Table

P = 2 (L+B)

  = 2 (126cm + 80cm)

  = 412cm

A = L x B/W

  = 126cm x 80cm

  = 10,080 sq cm

Tote tray

P = 2 (L + B)

  = 2 (39cm + 27cm)

  = 142cm

A = L x B/W

  = 39cm x 27cm

  =1,053 sq cm


I have learnt a lot from doing the perimeter and area and have done heaps of working out to figure out the answer for the perimeter and the area.

It was easy to figure out the perimeter but it was hard to figure out the area because what you do is you had to multiply it by the number next to it now for the perimeter is you double the answer you get like 70 you double it to 140 so 70 + 70=140.

It was hard to do the area because you have to multiply it and every answer is in the hundreds or it was in the thousands because you had multiply the area with big numbers that's why it’s hard.