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As a voluntary organisation, our continuity is dependent on the involvement of parent s in the running of the Scout Group. Please indicate at which level you would be prepared to participate.

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If there is an y other information you consider relevant t o your application you may add it here.

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I confirm I have read and understood the Admissions and Waiting List Policy of the 12th Galway Claregalway  Scout Group and request that my child’s name be placed on the Waiting List for the Section ticked above.

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Please return this form by email/post to :  

Marc Mellotte, Na Rossa, Cahergowan, Claregalway


12th Galway Claregalway Scout Group

Admissions and Waiting List Policy


12th Galway Claregalway Scout Group is committed to maintaining a policy and process for allocation of places in each Section of the Group that will promote continuity within in the sections and be fair, transparent and equitable.  The Group is committed to trying to ensure a gender balance in each section.    


The purpose of this document is to state the policy and criteria which will be followed in the allocation of youth member places in all sections of the 12th Galway Claregalway Scout Group.


Parents or guardians must complete,sign and return a waiting list application form to the

Registration Secretary.   The Registration Secretary will maintain and administrate the admissions and waiting list in line with the agreed and published policy and in conjunction with the Section Leaders.   Section Leaders will liaise with the Registration Secretary in regards to transitions and registration and their current numbers.

The Group Leader will arbitrate in the event of any question arising from the Admissions Policy and that decision will be final.


The current catchment area for 12th Galway is Claregalway, Lackagh and surrounding parishes.

Waiting List application form is to be completed, signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the Registration Secretary.

The child for whom a place is being requested must have reached the appropriate age for that section by the September 1st of the year they join the Group. Names cannot be placed on the waiting list until the child has reached 5, 7 11, 15 years respectively.


Beavers – 6 years, Cubs – 9 years, Scouts – 12 years, Ventures – 15 years, Rovers – 18 years


Places are offered in each section in the following order:

  1. Places are offered to existing youth members remaining in or moving up a section.
  2. Children of serving Leaders 
  3. Children of new Leaders if there is a requirement for new leaders within the Group.
  4. Siblings of existing youth members, in date order (i.e. first come, first served) subject to each section maintaining a reasonable gender balance. Siblings must be on the waiting list already.
  5. Next name on waiting list for that section, in date order (i.e. first come, first served) subject to maintaining a gender balance in each section.  Priority may be given to older children if there is excessive demand.    

REGISTRATION: will take place in September.

REVIEW: This policy will be reviewed at least annually and at any other time if required.


Brid McOsker, Registration Secretary,  12th Galway Claregalway Scout Group

Carraun, Kiniska, Claregalway, Co Galway


086 3935313