Commences September 12th, 2016

San Diego Circus Center is offering a PREPARATORY TRAINING PROGRAM to our students ages 15 to 24. The aim is to develop a solid base from which the student can advance in order to reach goals that is not limited to, but includes, auditioning for *ENC, *ESAC, *CNAC, *QEC, and building the student’s strength and technique to become a well-rounded performer and athlete.  Students will also participate in our seasonal shows.

The Preparatory Program will be a NINE MONTH course during the standard academic school year commencing on September 12th, 2016 and concluding June 12th, 2017.  The course times are 5pm - 8pm, five days a week, totaling a maximum of 15.5 hours a week of course training.

OPTION A (5 days, 15.5 hours) :

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Saturday

OPTION B (3 Days, 9.5 hours) :

Monday -  Tuesday (or Thursday)  - Saturday

OPTION C (3 Days, 9.5 hours) :

              Tuesday (or Thursday) -  Wednesday - Saturday

*Note: There are a few classes that may be interchanged during specific time slots. Jean-Luc and teachers will decide which classes are appropriate for each student and their program. Some classes may be added, pending student goals.

PRINCIPAL TEACHERS : (bios to follow)

Jean-Luc Martin,  Sam Tribble, Kelsey Saake, Courtney Giannone, Gloria Soderline



* ENC: Ecole Nationale de Cirque

* ESAC:  Superior School of Circus Arts

* CNAC: Center National des Arts du Cirque

* QEC:  L'Ecole de Cirque de Quebec

If interested please contact  Jean-Luc Martin

                                             O. (858) 635-9522

                                             M. (310) 489-3003