e-Tools to Support Literacy

Hereora Cluster TOD 2

Date: 17 April

Times: 9-2.30-3pm  (evaluations at 2.30pm)

Venue: Wairakei


9-9.30        Hall

9.30-10.30        Workshop 1

10-30-11        Morning tea

11-12        Workshops 2

12-1        Workshop 3

1-1.30        lunch

1.30-2.30        Workshop 4

2.30-3        Evaluations altogether - Hall

Wireless login:  Hereora

Password: hereora2014

Collaborative Notes doc


Workshop schedule


Using an iPad to support writing

Allanah King

Emily & Anthony

Room 1

Moderation of writing (brief) & where to next?

Jill Hammonds

& Ray

Room 2

Using Google docs  to support writing

Janelle Riki

& Mark

Room 10 

Web 2.0 tools to support writing

Anne Kenneally

Anaru & Nicki

Room 12

1    9.30 - 10.30

Junior grp 1

Senior grp 1

Junior Group 2

Senior Grp 2

2    11.00 - 12.00

Senior Grp 2

Junior grp 1

Senior grp 1

Junior Group 2

3    12.00 - 1.00

Junior Group 2

Senior Grp 2

Junior grp 1

Senior grp 1

4    1.30 - 2.30

Senior grp 1

Junior Group 2

Senior Grp 2

Junior grp 1

Please bring or have ready for this workshop:

Allanah’s iPad presentation

Apps to download:

Pic Collage - Free

Tellagami - Free

Puppet Pals - Free

Puppet Pals - Fully featured ($3.79)

Book Creator - Free

Book Creator - Fully Featured  ($6:49)

Write About This - Free (Fully Featured version -   Hold off until the New Zealand Version comes out- very soon!)

Show Me - Free

Pages - Purchase Only but it comes free with new iPads. Don’t buy it yet - decide when you see it in action.

These apps are referenced in Allanah’s presentation. Download all the free versions for use on the day and then decide on the paid apps after you’ve seen them in action.




Jill’s presentations:

Literacy Enhancement from moderation to eTools 



Additional app to download

Popplet Lite

We will also use some web 2.0 tools so it would be great if you bring laptops also as some are not so flash on iPads.

Using Google docs  to support writing

  • Creating opportunities for students to write collaboratively
  • Growing students and teachers ability to provide instant and effective feedback
  • Redefining the process of ‘marking’ writing
  • Creating opportunities for students to write anytime, anywhere

Breens Intermediate

Roydvale School

Isleworth School

Burnside HS

Wairakei School

Harewood School

Web 2.0 tools to support writing

  • Providing motivation to engage all learners
  • Exploring flexibility of timetabling and workshops to allow students choice
  • Blending your writing programme to make it accessible 24/7
  • Explore tools and sites to engage and extend your writers.

Janelle and Marks Links

Breens Intermediate

Roydvale School

Isleworth School

Burnside HS

Wairakei School

Harewood School


Breens  Isleworth  Wairakei  Harewood  Roydvale  Burnside HS  ECE Staff        TOTAL

23         20.                  24           14               20            10                         1                 111              

Principals: please enter your staff names into the following groups and colour code them so we know which school they are from.  Please also ensure you spread your staff across the groups to facilitate collaboration with teachers in other schools. Please also put yourselves and T/A’s in a group so we have fairly exact numbers.

Junior Group 1 (Yr 0-4)

Junior Group 2 (Yr 0-4)

Senior  Group 1 (Yr 5-10)

Senior Group 2 (Yr 5-10)

Cindy McDonald

Penny Collins

Katrina Pethig

Cathy Dean

Ollivia Nancekivell

Catherine Parkes

Raywyn Wright

Tracy Brown

Jo Beynon

Tim Colhoun

Diana Sirett

Lyanne Fitzgibbon

Ngarita Wight

Barb Wall

Fiona Lill

Philippa Tyrrell

Tracey Hastings

Aine Elliott

Megan Stedman

Hazel Fife

Julie Thompson

Denise Garth - am only

Joanna Woods

Bridget Donovan

Emma Southen

Trish Noble

Tracey Freeborn

Cheryl Schofield

Total: 28

Megan Watson

Debbie Brennan

Insuk Park

Jon Mokotupu

Corinna O’Neill

Jenny Pringle

Alice Harris

Barbara Inglis

Anna Alfano

Janet Andrews

Hayley Goodman

Dianne Walker

Sally Wilson

Lara Hyland

Kara Omerovic

Sophia Roulston

Greta Carroll

Rebecca Playle

Marlene van der Bent

Julie Argyle

Annie Woods

Peter Fish

Erin Black

Julie Greenwood

Total: 25

Shane Buckner

Barbara Vogel

Shelly Jackson

Vikki Wood

Tina Gibson

Sue Williams

Natasha Cloughley

Jo Collins

Meryl Ridley

Christine Ussher

Karen Warnock

Sonya Jenkins

Andrew Lange

Trish Wardell

Cathy Wells

Tracey Buchanan

Pauline Jansen

Andrea Smith

Janine Kroening

Nev Brydon

Sandra Wong

Angela Vermeulen

Jill Reid

Robyn Ford

Claire Stodart

Janette James

Nikki Clarke

Jono Collins

Glenda Galambos

Sue Greenwood

Debbie McGrath

Total: 31

Beki O’Dey

Jenny Hey

Kate Olliff

Simon Adkins

Sarah-May Golder

Viola Kalauta

Fiona Smallridge

Jonathan Ritchie

Jeanette Shearer

John Calvert

Michelle Craw

Emma Kneller

Sarah Parker

Anna White

Jan Lake

Judy Bockett

Jenny Washington

Liz France

Liz Maclennan

Nathan Maclennan

Darrin Mitchell

Ann PAterson

Jess Pearce

Brian Price

Nathan Riki

Fiona Robinson

Tracey Stewart

Lynne Wiggins

Shalom Weston



Please complete an evaluation in your school doc AND also in the LwDT evaluations

1. Individual School Evaluations:

Breens Intermediate





Burnside High School

ECE staff

2. LwDT South Evaluation


link to Jill’s presentation


Wealth of information.


Got to get kids reading on line.  Teachers need to think about how they do this and there is a resource fo this on the reading page.

Oral language

FInd your eTools section

matrix on the site